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registration example:


username:  BarbaraTaylor

password:   xyz


Username should be your real name with no space between the first and last name.

Password can be something simple...afterall, this isn't online banking.  Note that the password is case sensitive if you decide to use any capital letters.




helpful tip:


You don't have to "Login" in order to use the board and post messages.  But if you do Login and check the box to "always stay logged in on this computer", then your username and password are stored in a cookie on your computer, and you won't have to enter them next time you post. This comes in handy if your web browser doesn't have a password manager feature as mentioned below.


When you post your first message after getting registered, your web browser may ask if you want to save the password. If you say yes, then you won't have to enter your name and password next time you post a message on the board. (not all browsers have this capability - Firefox is one that does)



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