How to Post Photos - instructions:
(try a test post on the Nature Photos Board)

Here's the quickest way to get started posting your photos...
If your photo is still on your computer:

You can quickly upload your photo by using TinyPic.  No registration is required and it's free. Go to the tinypic website. Click "browse" to find the image file you want to upload and double-click on it. Then click "Upload Now". (Before the upload is accepted by TinyPic, they now require you to type in the squiggly "captcha" words shown...this helps them control spam uploads.) Once upload is complete, Tinypic shows you a "Share This Image" page. Copy what appears in the second line labeled IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards. You can now post your photo by pasting that right into your typed message in the Message Box where you want your photo to appear. You can include a typed message above and/or below the photo. (Repeat the above to include more than one photo in your message. Also note that Tinypic now lets you choose to resize your photo to 1024x768 or 800x600 before you click Upload Now, so your photo will fit better in a browser window.  Hint: an easy way to copy the IMG Code is to right-click on it and choose Copy...then in the Message Box right-click and choose Paste.)

Note:  as of June, 2017, Photobucket will no longer allow free direct linking into message boards and is thus no longer recommended.  I haven't tested Flickr recently to see if it still works.

There are also many free photo album websites where you can upload multiple photos and organize your photo collection. The Flickr photo site is very popular.  From your Flickr photo page, at bottom right you can choose Share, then choose the BBCode. Then choose a size (up to 1024x768 is usually ok) and then copy the BBCode. Then to post the photo on the message board, simply paste that into your typed message wherever you want the photo to appear. You can post multiple photos that way.

Need more help? See below or contact: Barbara Taylor

Here's more detail about posting photos if you want to learn more or...
If your photo is already uploaded to your website:

UBB code is enabled on this board so you can insert an image anywhere within your message. Just place "img tags" around the url for your photo and insert that into your typed message wherever you want the photo to appear. Make sure you include the http:// part of the url. You can type text above and/or below a photo, and you can include multiple photos by placing img tags around each photo's url. Here is an example: [img][/img]

Alternatively, you can just paste the url (without any img tags) for a single photo into the Image URL box. Then the image will appear above your typed message. (note: if your url contains any percent signs then you will have to use this method since "img tags" won't work)

HTML code is not enabled on this board for security reasons, so you cannot use the <img src=> code.

Preparing your photo:
In order to post a photo you must first upload your image file to the internet. If you have a personal webpage from your Internet service provider, you can upload to your own webspace. If you don't have a personal webpage, you can try one of many free alternatives or one of the suggestions above. You may want to reduce the size of your image file before uploading. Many digital cameras come with photo editing software that lets you crop your photo or resize an image so it will fit well in a browser window - something within 1024 x 768 pixels (width x height) is suitable for most photos. You can check the size of the image file on your computer by looking at its "properties" (right-click on your photo). Once your photo is uploaded to the internet, it has a web address (url) which can be used to share your photo.

You can edit your post.  First open your message, then in the menu click Edit Post, then type in the password you entered when you first posted your message, make your changes, then click Edit under the message box.

Some free websites do not permit you to share photos through direct linking on message boards. If the photo doesn't appear in your message, you can try one of the websites I provided links for above. Or you can just provide a link to your photo by pasting the url in the Link URL box and also type a title for the photo in the Link Name box.

If the url for your photo contains any percent signs you will have to paste the url into the Image URL box. Img tags won't work. When you do a "Preview Post" it will look like it is going to work, but after you "Post" your message, the message board software changes the url so the photo does not appear. If the name of your image file or the title of your photo album contains any spaces then these spaces will be changed to a percent sign when you generate the code to post the photo - so don't include any spaces and you will avoid this problem.

If the url for your photo contains any question marks, you will not be able to have the photo appear automatically in your message. You can still provide a link to your photo by pasting the url in the Link URL box and also type a title for the photo in the Link Name box.

If your photo used to appear in your message, but no longer shows up, there may just be a temporary glitch with the image host server. Or it may mean you have moved or renamed your image file after posting your message. When you move your image file to a different website, or a different photo album folder, or if you rename your photo, then the url for the photo is changed. In that case you will have to edit your message to point to the new url for your photo.

Need more help? Contact: Barbara Taylor

If you'd rather just email your photo to me, I'll take care of posting it for you - just make sure you include your name, location and approximate date photo was taken, the subject, and anything else you'd like me to include in the post.