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Torrance Barrens Nightjars

 George Bryant

 12:05 pm thursday june 28, 2001

The sunset display at the Highland Pond "Dark Skies" site has to
be one of Muskoka's annual nature highlights.  At dusk on June
24 we saw and heard app. 12 Nighthawks at this site. They could
be observed as tiny spots in the western sky, often pursuing
each other at great heights.  Later they were seen flying and
diving directly overhead.

We heard several Whip-poor-wills along the road. On a clear
evening, they do not start calling until at least 1/2 hour after
sunset (9:30 pm) when mosquitoes are also pretty active.


Red-headed Woodpecker

 George Bryant

 11:51 am thursday june 28, 2001

A calling Red-headed Woodpecker was observed June 23 at Snider's
Bay Swamp.  As the location is not ideal for this species, it
was presumed to be an unmated adult. The swamp does provide a
nice diversity of breeding birds including Ravens feeding young
(this year and last year) and nesting Pileated Woodpeckers and
Hooded Mergansers (both last year).

The swamp can be accessed by taking Hwy. 169 out of Gravenhurst
toward Bala app. 4 kms. to Snider's Bay Road on the left
(south). Go app. 2 kms. to a major fork, take the right and the
road parallels the swamp for app. 1/3 km. allowing good views.


Brewer's blackbirds update

 John Keenleyside

 2:51 pm wednesday june 27, 2001

A month or so ago the presence of a pair of Brewer's blackbirds
was posted, at the intersection of Falkenburg Road and Beatrice
Townline, apparently for the third consecutive year.
On Friday June 22, both adults were noted to be present, as was a
juvenile bird fluttering through the tall grass. Its size and
mediocre flying ability suggested that the bird was probably
quite recently fledged.
Since the adults, perched on the telephone wire, were indicating
their displeasure at my presence, I retreated from the area,
assuming that there was no purpose in atempting to determine if
other young were present. I had no doubt that there were. The
grass, presumably for hay, is two feet high or so.
The location of the apparent nesting is on private land,
although very close to the road. The birds are easily seen from
the road.
Take highway 118 from Bracebridge, roughly half way to Port
Carling, turn right at Butter and Eggs Road, to Falkenburg Road,
turn left to Beatrice Townline.

John Keenleyside
Burlington Ont.

This report originated on ONTBIRDS and is provided here courtesy
of the Ontario Field Ornithologists.

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Solitary Sandpiper, Bracebridge Lagoons

 Wilf Yusek

 9:33 am wednesday june 27, 2001

I saw a Solitary Sandpiper in Cell #2 on the east side bank in
the Bracebridge Ponds early this a.m.  


Upland Sandpiper at Bracebridge

 Al Sinclair

 4:16 pm tuesday june 26, 2001

June 26 at 7:30 am Wilf Yusek heard an Upland Sandpiper calling
in the field at the end of Lankin Ave. in the Covered Bridge
subdivision in Bracebridge.

Follow Balls Drive behind the A&P in Bracebridge to Covered
Bridge, right on Covered Bridge to Lankin Ave, left on Lankin
and follow it to the end in the new section. The bird was
calling in the field on the south side.


Canada Warbler ...

 Paul Smith

 5:51 am tuesday june 26, 2001

A pair of Canada Warblers at the south-east end of Butterfly
Lake in the swampy stand of tamaracks. Canoe access only.


Least Sandpipers at Bracebridge Lagoons

 Burke Korol

 11:28 pm monday june 25, 2001

Today, Monday the 25th I saw 3 Least Sandpipers at the
Bracebridge Sewage Lagoons.  There was also a Lesser Yellowlegs
(thanks Wilf) and a Green Heron.


re: Bobolink

 Paul Smith

 7:21 pm friday june 29, 2001

Thanks for the bobolink tip. He was there yesterday as I drove
by, just as advertised !! I hadn't seen one in a couple of
years ...



 Virginia Pray

 4:10 am saturday june 23, 2001

There has been a male Bobolink sitting on the fence near Brandy
Lake Auto Service on Hwy#ll8 S. of Port Carling for the past
week. Perhaps nesting there. Also we observed an interesting
sight last Tues. eve just a little farther down the road at the
Brandy Lake creek. A Great Blue Heron had a young crow in it's
beak. All the crows were having a fit. Time did not permit us to
stop and watch what happened. No doubt the Heron won and flew
off with the crow.


Cerulean Warbler ...

 Paul Smith

 9:41 pm thursday june 21, 2001

On Bala Park Island - as part of my BFL field survey 3 weeks ago
I saw a male for 5/10 seconds - not enough for a postive ID to
record. On my second survey 2 days ago, the song was there on my
arrival (i played my cd low low and it was a match as best as I
could judge). There was no response to the playing of their song
but male /female both immediately responded to the screech
owl/chickadee mobbing recording, from about 10 feet. They both
matched the Audubon Field Guide pics to a T. Then the male
frigged off chasing others that had responded to the record.

If someone is interested, I can give them the locale. I'd like a
confirmation, or other, from someone more expert than I !!

Cheers !!


Brac. Sew Lagoons..Open House 3

 Al Sinclair

 11:51 am wednesday june 20, 2001

Bracebridge Sewage Lagoons..Open House 3
Those who have not yet attended any of the previous Public Open
House meetings on the future plans for Bracebridge sewage
treatment may not have received notice of the 3rd Open House. It
is scheduled for Wed June 20 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Muskoka
District Council Chambers on Pine Street in Bracebridge. The
recommended design concept will be featured on the display
panels with a brief formal presentation at 7:30. This is where
we will see if they have listened to our concerns about
preserving the valuable bird habitat provided by the existing
sewage treatment ponds.



 Marty Arnett

 11:35 am sunday june 17, 2001

First for me. Out on Reay Rd. this morning - adult Golden-winged
next to road carrying food for young. Another was singing
farther into alders.  Also two Nashville Warblers  at same spot  
collecting green caterpillars.
Reay Rd. just past Little Norway Rd. - Alder bushes on east side
of Rdwy. just before open farm fields.


Algonquin Flycatchers and other Birds

 David Britton

 12:13 pm saturday june 16, 2001

This morning I made a quick trip to the west side of Algonquin
Provincial Park to see some of the northerly-flavoured breeding
birds there.  Along the northern portion of the Mizzy Lake Trail
I saw (and heard) OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER at West Rose Lake, and
YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER was heard in the boggy area to the
south of West Rose Lake.

Also along the trail were LINCOLN'S SPARROW, SWAINSON's and
HERMIT THRUSHES and WINTER WREN, as well as dozen warbler

A pair of BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKERS are nesting on the south side
of the trail at West Rose Lake, near Interpretive Post #4.

Oh yeah, there were also a couple of mosquitos...

DIRECTIONS:  Algonquin Park is located on Highway 60 between
Huntsville and Whitney.  From the Huntsville (western) side,
turn left on Arowhon Road about 15km east of the West Gate.  
After about 5km you will come to a sign for the Arowhon Lodge,
take the right branch of the orad and proceed a short distance
to a chain gate.  Park at the side of the road and walk down the
old railway bed.  After about 700m, the railwaybed joins the
Mizzy Lake Trail.

Dave Britton


another Brewer's Blackbird - Hsy. 118

 Bill Crins

 6:54 am thursday june 14, 2001

On June 11, en route to North Bay, I decided to take a small
detour to look for the Brewer's Blackbirds at Falkenburg/Beatrice
intersection.  As I was driving west on Hwy. 118, I saw a male
Brewer's Blackbird collecting living and dead insects on the
shoulder and on the pavement of the highway, 1 km W. of Cedar
Beach Rd., in the vicinity of 911 address 1655.  There are large
agricultural fields on both sides of the highway at this
location.  I did not see a female, but the male was actively
collecting insects.

The 911 address should pin this down, but here also is a GPS
reading: 17, 625883, 4990487

I saw this bird between 16:20 and 16:25.

I then proceeded to the Falkenburg Rd./Beatrice Town Line
junction, where I saw both male and female Brewer's Blackbirds.

Bill Crins


Snapping Turtle Nests

 sylvia purdon

 6:18 am thursday june 14, 2001

There are 7+ Snapping Turtle nests on the small beach at
PunGishEMoo on Sparrow Lake, near Wenona Lodge Road.  The
majority of these nests were laid on Sunday June 10.  At dawn
two Snapping Turtles were observed laying their eggs at the same
time on this date.  June 10 is consistent with the egg laying
dates on previous years.  The size of these Snapping Turtles is


Willow Flycatcher near Huntsville

 Burke Korol

 10:10 pm monday june 11, 2001

Hello Muskokans,

Some early morning atlassing turned up some interesting finds
east of Huntsville this (11 June) morning.

I heard a Willow Flycatcher calling to the east of Muskoka Road
23, about 600 m north of the canal, on Deerhurst Golf Course.  
(I was not golfing).

At one of my randomly assigned point count stations I found an
adult White-breasted Nuthatch feeding chicks in a cavity nest in
a live Eastern Hemlock.

I also heard a Red-shouldered Hawk on the south side of
Peninsula Lake on Road 23.

A local resort owner reported a "Piping Plover" nesting on their
property.  I checked the site today and with little surprise I
saw a pair of Killdeers at their nest.


re: Black-bellied Plover

 Barbara Taylor

 5:50 pm sunday june 10, 2001

That was at the Bracebridge Ponds (aka sewage lagoons) right?  I
was there earlier in the day and I guess I just didn't look hard
enough!  Darn....


Black-bellied Plover

 Wilfred Yusek

 5:28 pm sunday june 10, 2001

Sorry for the previous no message post, hit the wrong key. There
was a Black-bellied Plover in cell #2 on the east side shore,
near the middle of the cell.          


 re: Canada Goose migration

 Barbara Taylor

 5:17 pm sunday june 10, 2001

Yesterday we observed another large flock of Canada Goose flying
northward over Lake Muskoka.  And again this morning, June 10,
four separate vees of 100-150 birds each.


 Scarlet Tanager ..

 Paul Smith

 11:10 pm tuesday june 5, 2001

A Scarlet Tanager today - on what I call the logging trail off
the west road around Butterfly Lake - my second "first" in the
last week ...


Whip-poor-wills --&-- woodcocks


 10:52 pm tuesday june 5, 2001

The whip-poor-will(s) is/are calling behind our house again, but
the ones that were using the farm field just down the road have
been spooked away, I suspect, by the renewed plowing that has
been going on.

Last Friday, June 1, I had to stop the car to allow a small
parade across ... a mother woodcock and two young, both learning
to bob from the backside the way their mom did. They were on
Stoneleigh Road, by Halfway Lake.


re: Brewer's Blackbirds back, 3rd year

 Gavin Edmondstone

 12:09 pm sunday june 3, 2001

This afternoon (June 2) we readily saw these birds at the location described below. Gavin Edmondstone Oakville, Ontario "Gavin Edmondstone" -----Original Message----- From: The Sinclairs Today May 21 at 2:00 pm, there was a pair of Brewer's Blackbirds back at the Beatrice Townline Rd and Falkenburg Rd corner in Muskoka... Directions: Go west of Bracebridge on Hwy 118W to Butter & Egg Rd, right to Falkenburg Rd, left to Beatrice Townline junction (same location as Great Gray Owl concentration last winter). ************************************************************ This report originated on ONTBIRDS and is provided here courtesy of the Ontario Field Ornithologists. To subscribe to ONTBIRDS Send email to:  Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the message type: subscribe ontbirds Move down one line and type: end    Send the e-mail. A confirmation email will be sent to you with instructions. Ontario Field Ornithologists (OFO) Web Page:


Black-backed Woodpecker - Algonquin Park

 Gavin Edmondstone

 11:59 am sunday june 3, 2001

On May 30 and June 1 I saw a female Black-backed Woodpecker in
the immediate vicinity of the km 8 marker in Algonquin Park.

Gavin Edmondstone

This report originated on ONTBIRDS and is provided here courtesy
of the Ontario Field Ornithologists.

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 New to the Bird Board?


 3:07 pm saturday june 2, 2001

New to the Bird Board or haven't posted a message yet?

I've set up a Test Site so you can see how the bulletin board
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Give it a try!

Barbara Taylor

P.S. - Thanks to everyone for all their reports!


Rough-Winged Swallows ..

 Paul Smith

 10:39 am saturday june 2, 2001

A pair of rough-winged swallows here at Butterfly Lake. They've
been kicking around for a couple of weeks now. I thought they
might be young barn or tree swallows, but they're paired up and
seem to be settling in. Never seen them before ...


American Goldfinch?

 Judy Simpson

 7:23 pm friday june 1, 2001

The goldfinches have been coming regularly to our niger
feeders.  However, today, one of our visitors had the bright
yellow head of the male with no black markings at all. From the
bend of wing downwards, including breast and back, it had the
typical female colouring. Of course, by the time the camera was
ready, it had gone.  Next time! Has anyone else seen something
like this?


Indigo Buntings

 Eleanor Kee Wellman

 7:15 pm friday june 1, 2001

There are several Indigo Buntings singing at the corner of the
driveway, 1133 Muskoka Rd. 38, Bala.


 re: Canada Goose migration

 Burke Korol

 10:10 pm friday june 1, 2001

Funny you should mention the movement of Canada Geese here in
Muskoka.  I was working at Noganosh Lake today and noted a few
hundred Canada Geese (in about 10 different flocks) flying
north.  Noganosh Lake is about 100 km NNW of Parry Sound.


re: Canada Goose migration

 Eleanor Kee Wellman

 7:13 pm friday june 1, 2001

I saw a flock of about forty birds flying north across Ball's
Flats, Bracebridge about 3 pm today.


Canada Goose migration

 Barbara Taylor

 1:41 pm friday june 1, 2001

Bracebridge, June 1:
Yesterday and again today I've noticed several small vees of
Canada Goose flying northward to summer feeding grounds.  Last
year there were many passing over between May 27-29 so they seem
to be pretty much right on schedule.


Blackburnian (and Monarch)

 Barbara Taylor

 9:09 pm thursday may 31, 2001

What a great day! First a beautiful singing male Blackburnian
Warbler and then the first Monarch butterfly of the season for
us at Browning Island, Lake Muskoka.  Also lots of Forest Tent
Caterpillars.  Perhaps we'll see a Cuckoo...haven't seen one on
the island since a Black-billed Cuckoo in August 1997.  


Rough-legged Hawk over Arrowhead

 Burke Korol

 8:46 pm wednesday may 30, 2001

Imagine my surprise when a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK soared high over
Arrowhead Park this morning around 8 a.m.  I was trying to get
as good a look as I could at this late migrant, while keeping an
eye out for the Black Bear that was on the trail ahead of me.  
Its tracks and water stains on the boardwalks were uncomfortably
fresh, but I wanted to complete the trail loop for my atlas
square.  A BROWN THRASHER in the park was also a nice find
because there is very little appropriate breeding habitat for
this species in the park.

I saw an EASTERN BLUEBIRD at the corner of Arrowhead Park Road
and Muskoka Road 3 yesterday around 4 p.m.


Olive-sided Fly in Arrowhead

 Burke Korol

 6:58 pm monday may 28, 2001

This morning (Monday, 28 May) there was an Olive-sided
Flycatcher calling from the swamps at the north-west end of
Arrowhead Lake in Arrowhead Provincial Park.  Several Alder
Flycatchers and Northern Parulas were here as well.

Yesterday I easily found the Brewer's Blackbirds at the corner
of Faulkner Road and Beatrice Townline.  Nice to see several
Bobolinks in the adjacent fields as well.  Birders should be
aware that Butter and Eggs Road is flooded between Hwy. 118 and
Faulkner.  The water is about 30 cm deep in places, but if you
take it slow there should not be a problem.

My check on the Bracebridge Sewage Lagoons yesterday afternoon
was not nearly as productive Wilf's was today.


 Long Eared/Great Horned

 Martin Arnett

 4:02 am monday may 28, 2001

Thanks to Al & Doug for assistance & closer examination with
nesting owl & owlet in marsh off Housey Rapids Road. Long is now
identified as a Great Horned. Owlet has grown considerable and
should soon be ready to fledge. Adult flew off where its nearby
inconspicuous location was given away by numerous marauding
crows. Also nesting nearby visible from our high vantage point
were 2 recently hatched Blue Herons, an interesting pair of
Kingbirds attending to a nest in a Pileated hole, 2 Ring Neck
Ducks & Wood Ducks and a nearby Black-billed Cuckoo.


Bracebridge Ponds

 Wilf Yusek

 8:31 pm sunday may 27, 2001

There was a Pied-billed Grebe in cell #3 today. In cell #1 there
was an American Bittern, and in the ditch on the east side of
cell #4, east of the lane there was a Green Heron. There are at
least 8 Spotted Sandpipers, mostly in cell #2 and also 6 Least
Sandpipers. There were 2 Dunlins & 1 ea. Semi-palmated, Plover
and Sandpiper yesterday but I did not see them today. I also saw
7 Mallard families with a total of 45 ducklings. I did not see
any Soras today but have seen as many as 4 at one time in the
last week.


Marsh Wren

 sylviapurdon--&--jim m

 6:25 am saturday may 26, 2001

Marsh Wren in the Wenona Marsh west side.  Last year there was a
pair.  Wenona Marsh is on the short road leading to Sparrow Lake
and the old Wenona Lodge off Canning Road at Wenona Lodge Road.


Golden-winged Warblers

 sylvia purdon--&--jim

 6:22 am saturday may 26, 2001

Golden-winged Warblers on Beiers Road near 1208 Beiers Road at
the fringe of the long flat marsh on the south side.  


Golden-winged Warbler

 Eleanor Kee Wellman

 7:21 am thursday may 24, 2001

After about a week of hearing a bz bz bz call on Medora Lake Rd.
I heard the full call of a Golden-winged Warbler on Sunday
moring. I did see it too.  There have been Golden-wings there in
past years.  An Alder Flycatcher was calling as well.

South end of Medora Lake Rd. on the east side in an area of


re: Good year for Cuckoos? Yes

 Eleanor Kee Wellman

 7:13 am thursday may 24, 2001

I hear a Black-billed Cuckoo at Porter Lake, Bala, on Tuesday.  
Lots of caterpillars there.


Some Shorebirds at Bracebridge Ponds

 Al Sinclair

 10:19 pm wednesday may 23, 2001

May 23 at 3PM, Most on the sides of cell 1 and 2 along the
centre road.
Least Sandpipers 10
Dunlin 8
Semipalmated Plover 6


re: Purple Martins in Honey Harbour?

 Al Sinclair

 9:50 am tuesday may 22, 2001

There is one at a cottage somewhere downstream from Big Chute,
there was one in Port Severn at the east end but I'm not sure if
it is still active. Have not been to Honey Harbour lately but I
think I have seen them along the road to Honey Harbour. There is
another active colony at the marina and trailer park on the south
side of Matchedash Bay. Purple Martins are just now recovering
from a major decline in the mid 90s when many colonies died out.


Purple Martins in Honey Harbour?


 9:11 pm monday may 21, 2001

I was wondering if there are any Purple Martin colonies in Honey
Harbour or Port Severn?   Thanks!!


Water lowered at Bracebidge Ponds

 Al Sinclair

 5:56 pm monday may 21, 2001

At the Bracebridge Ponds the water level in cell 2 has been
lowered giving some muddy shoreline for shorebirds. However only
2 Least Sandpipers and some Spotted Sandpipers were found today
May 21. Might be worth checking after the rain forcast for


 Brewer's Blackbirds back, 3rd year

 Al Sinclair

 5:53 pm monday may 21, 2001

Today May 21 at 2:00 pm, there was a pair of Brewer's Blackbirds
back at the Beatrice Townline Rd and Falkenburg Rd corner in
Muskoka. This is the third consecutive year that Brewer's
Blackbirds have been found at this location. Look for them
sitting on the telephone cable or fence and be patient as they
spend much of the time in the grass out of sight. Attempted
mating was observed so we have breeding evidence for the atlas.
Go west of Bracebridge on Hwy 118W to Butter and Egg Rd, right
to Falkenburg Rd, left to Beatrice Townline junction (same
location as Great Gray Owl concentration last winter).


Good year for Cuckoos? Yes

 Al Sinclair

 5:50 pm monday may 21, 2001

Looks like it could be a good year for seeing Cuckoos in
Muskoka. I had a Black-billed Cuckoo in the alders on the right
just inside the electric gate on Lagoon Lane at the Bracebridge
Ponds, 11am this morning May 21. This afternoon I found another
beside the road about 0.5km past Brackenrig Nursery off Muskoka
25 near Port Carling. Both were in areas where there were
numerous Eastern Tent Caterpillar nests. They are shy and not
often seen out in the open, listen for their coo coo coo call to
locate them.


Long Eared Owl Nest

 Marty Arnett

 9:39 am monday may 21, 2001

Out atlassing Sat. morning and came across a Long-eared Owl
nesting in one of many abandoned Blue Heron nests - 1 adult - 1
young covered in white down maybe 3 weeks old. Young only was
present in nest previous Sat. & not having my scope I could not
tell what it was as the owlet was too crouched down in nest.
Owlet was being fed a grey fured animal but could not tell what
it was. Lots of same fur evidence on edges of nest.
Interestingly  Herons were present and sitting on 5 of the 13
other surrounding Herons nests (none close to the owls nest) -
unk if Herons sitting on eggs. Owls nest is 100m out in a large
marsh adjacent to County Rd #6 (Housey Rapds Rd) 300m south of
Ben Lk Rd. Nests cannot be seen from rdwy. as marsh doglegs
slightly to south. Nest located 15m high in a dead pine next to
a large turned over stump toward the north end of the marsh.  
Access is a rather arduous walk through dense bush along south
side of marsh up to a rock ledge which gives a great vantage
point at approx. same level as nest. Will check next week.


Green Heron and Virginia Rail

 sylvia purdon--&-- ji

 7:04 am monday may 21, 2001

Wenona Marsh on Wenona Lodge Road: Virginia Rail and Green Heron
-Sunday May 20, 8:00 p.m.


re: Red Admirals

 Barbara Taylor

 1:43 pm monday may 21, 2001

I've noticed quite a few Red Admirals and Tiger Swallowtails the
past few days now that our lilac is in full bloom.  Haven't seen
any Monarchs yet.  Last year we watched a female Rose-breasted
Grosbeak devour two Monarch butterfly caterpillars!  I thought
the birds weren't supposed to like the taste of those
caterpillars but this particular bird seemed to enjoy them and
kept coming back to the milkweed patch to try and find more!


 Red Admirals


 9:52 pm sunday may 20, 2001

Hundreds of Red Admiral butterflies observed at dusk on Sunday
May 20 at Wenona Lodge Road along the private road to The Point.
The butterflies were flying about at about 20+ft. and appeared
to be chasing each other.  Quite a spectacular hatch.  


re: eastern tent caterpillar

 Ken Walton

 5:50 am monday may 21, 2001

Black-billed Cuckoo's-Just a note to say:

Where you find Eastern Tent Caterpillars you find Black-billed
and Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Indigo Buntings and other birds. Try
and look out for a Black-billed and Yellow -billed Cuckoo
breeding together as a pair.They often lay eggs in each others
nest and breed together. Also with the new Breeding Bird Atlas
going on, one should look for new arrivals such as Brewster's and
Lawrence's Warblers, which are hybrids. I'm working on this group
of warblers right now on there northern breeding range.  


 eastern tent caterpillar

 sylvia purdon--&--jim

 9:38 pm sunday may 20, 2001

Masses of eastern tent caterpillar like large gobs of black tar
on the trunks of alders, poplar at sparrow lake at wenona lodge
road.  We are reminded of last July when over a period of three
nights we counted hundreds of eastern tent caterpillar moths,
and then hundreds of forest tent caterpillar moths, but only for
that very short time period.  


Blackburnian Warbler ...

 Paul Smith

 9:22 pm friday may 18, 2001

A Blackburnian Warbler deep in the mosquito infested
jungles of Bala Park Island, north end, on ridge of
Birch forest just before Wallace Cut Bala bound ...


re: GREAT GRAY OWLS pictures

 Barbara Taylor

 3:50 pm saturday may 19, 2001

There are some pictures of Great Gray Owls including one with a
mouse on Al Sinclair's website at :




 9:02 pm friday may 18, 2001

hi... i seen two great grays at wye march in late winter....
would love to see the picture u have :)...thank u


Indigo bunting


 9:16 am wednesday may 16, 2001

tues. May 15 8:00
The Indigo buntings are back, singing merrily along the
Rocksborough Rd.
There's also lots of warblers, nothing rare but it's nice to
hear all the different calls on my morning walks.


Magnolia Warbler

 Eleanor Kee Wellman

 10:37 pm tuesday may 15, 2001

I had good looks at a lovely Magnolia Warbler at Porter Lake,
Bala this morning.  It sang for a couple of hours.  Also noted,
Great-crested Flycatchers, Hermit Thrush and Veery.  The loon
pair spent the morning checking out nest sites and intimidating
a pair of Canada Geese, pair of Wood Ducks and a female Hooded
Merganser into leaving the lake.


baltimore oriole's nest

 sylvia purdon

 7:22 pm sunday may 13, 2001

Many orioles are singing and calling this week-end, May 12 and
13, but a pair has made a shiny new bag nest high up on the
outside branch of a maple at the end of the Kilworthy Rd. by the
Brigadoon Cabins at Sparrow Lake.  


Ruffed Grouse nest and Solitary Sandpipe

 Eleanor Kee Wellman

 6:54 pm sunday may 13, 2001

Today at about 3 pm I found the remains of several Ruffed Grouse
eggs which had been predated by an unidentified animal in the
bush west of Porter Lake, Bala.  I had seen the nest last week
with approx 5-6 eggs in it.

At 4:30 pm I found a Solitary Sandpiper on the end of my dock,
also at Porter Lake.  An unidentified snake was watching me from
the waster beside the dock and a beaver was floating by as well.


MFN trip May 12, Blackpoll, Yellow-T Vir

 Al Sinclair

 8:47 pm saturday may 12, 2001

Muskoka Field Naturalists outing May12, 2001 - 56 Species
Kerr Park to Strawberry Point on Trans Canada Trail
Blackpoll Warbler - beside viewing platform Bracebridge ponds
Yellow-throated Vireo - High point of trail past Henry Road Pond

Complete List:
Double-crested Cormorant      
Wood Duck                    
Blue-winged Teal              
Lesser Scaup                  
Common Goldeneye              
Turkey Vulture                
Red-shouldered Hawk          
Ruffed Grouse                
Greater Yellowlegs            
Lesser Yellowlegs            
Solitary Sandpiper            
Spotted Sandpiper            
Ring-billed Gull              
Herring Gull                  
Mourning Dove                
Belted Kingfisher            
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker      
Great Crested Flycatcher      
Tree Swallow                  
Barn Swallow                  
American Crow                
Blue Jay                      
Black-capped Chickadee        
Hermit Thrush                
Wood Thrush                  
American Robin                
Yellow-throated Vireo        
Red-eyed Vireo                
Black-and-white Warbler      
Nashville Warbler            
Yellow Warbler                
Chestnut-sided Warbler        
Pine Warbler                  
Blk-throated Green Warbler    
Magnolia Warbler              
Yellow-rumped Warbler        
Blackpoll Warbler            
American Redstart            
Common Yellowthroat          
Scarlet Tanager              
Rose-breasted Grosbeak        
Song Sparrow                  
Swamp Sparrow                
White-throated Sparrow        
Chipping Sparrow              
Red-winged Blackbird          
Eastern Meadowlark            
Brown-headed Cowbird          
Baltimore Oriole              
American Goldfinch            
56 species


Merlin nesting in Port Sydney

 Al Sinclair

 9:34 pm thursday may 10, 2001

For a couple of weeks a very vocal Merlin has been defending a
territory around the Anglican Church in Port Sydney. Jon
Grandfield reports that it is likely nesting in one of the big
White Pines near the church.


Parry Sound Yellow-headed Blackbird Pic

 Al Sinclair

 9:29 pm thursday may 10, 2001

A photo of the Yellow-headed Blackbird seen at Hurdville, Parry
Sound District on April 28/29, 2001 has been posted on the web at


Moorhen found dead at the ponds

 Al Sinclair

 9:23 pm thursday may 10, 2001

On May 1, 2001, Bob Burton found a dead Common Moorhen on the
road along the west side of cell 2 at the Bracebridge Ponds. The
cause of death was not obvious. There was fresh blood running
from its mouth but no other signs of injury. My guess is that it
was flushed by and flew into the side of one the ATVs that
regularily roar along the pond roads at top speed. It is sad to
see this happen as the dead bird is likely one of the Moorhens
that nested at the ponds for the first time last year.




 1:53 pm thursday may 10, 2001

We heard our first bobolinks on the farm flats at the end of
Rocksborough Road this morning. (May 10, about 7:45 a.m.) There
appeared to be males and females present.


re: The Ponds May 4, 212 ducks, Redhead

 Doug Smith

 12:42 pm thursday may 10, 2001

Had a quick look at Cell #1 Wednesday evening May 9. The Redhead
was still there, as was a single Solitary Sandpiper (it was in
Cell#3) and a pair of Common Goldeneye.

Appreciate the regular updates from Al -- thx. very much.


Birds of colour ....

 Paul Smith

 6:37 pm tuesday may 8, 2001

A Baltimore Oriole and Rose-Breasted Grosbeak were visitors
today here at Butterfly Lake; a colourful pair on an otherwise
drab day. The Grosbeak seemed fond of my lawnmower while the
Oriole tried sneaking sips from the Hummingbird feeder. Two of
the most attractive birds, and best songsters to boot !!


3 Pileated-Loon Lk Marsh

 Marty Arnett

 3:03 am tuesday may 8, 2001

North shore marsh Sat/Sun 2 males competing for 1 female
Pileated, up down around & from tree to tree. Very comical &
totally & oblivious to me being there. Second year in a row,
same spot, mostly dead mature trees from marsh flooding. Out
atlasing on Sat.& was treated to pack wolves howling for 15
minutes early in the morning on Doe Lake Road.


Muskoka Warblers and others

 Laura Murray

 4:03 pm monday may 7, 2001

A trip up north this past weekend revealled a few warblers. At
Echo Lake just outside of Baysville, we saw: BLACK THROATED

within 15 feet of our canoe!), A. GOLDFINCHES,  and a ROSE

From Highway 11 take hwy 117 east to Baysville. Just outside of
Baysville, take the ECHO Lake road until you come to Lawson
Road. Turn left (North) onto Lawson road, which ends in a
privately manintained, but public road called Truscott Place.
All the species were seen from this road, except the loons and
the sandpiper, which were seen on Echo Lake. Public access
to Echo Lake is from a public launch site about 1 km past the
entrance to Lawson Road.

Laura Murray
Ontario Science Centre

This report originated on ONTBIRDS and is provided here courtesy
of the Ontario Field Ornithologists.

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Yellow-headed Blackbird, Hurdville

 Jean Niskanen

 0:07 am monday may 7, 2001

Yellow-headed Blackbird, a new species for Muskoka/Parry Sound?

The Yellow-headed Blackbird that was reported April 28-29 in
Hurdville, north of Parry Sound might be species #300 for the
Muskoka & Parry Sound area.  A number of photos were taken which
should be reviewed by someone.

Alex Millsí 1980 book of the ďThe Birds of Muskoka and Parry
SoundĒ listed 264 species and this is not in it. Ken Walton
updated the checklist for this area in 1999 and listed 299
species. This species is not in that checklist either.


Butterfly Lake Warblers ...

 Paul Smith

 12:58 pm sunday may 6, 2001

Myrtle, Magnolia and Black-throated Blue warblers Apr-29 to May-
06. The Myrtles linger but the Magnolia and Black-throated Blue
were here and then gone.

Purple Martins returned to Glen Orchard General Store Apr-23
this year.


Black-and-White Warblers, etc.

 Barbara Taylor

 7:49 pm saturday may 5, 2001

Browning Island, Lake Muskoka - May 5

The past few warm days have encouraged more birds to make the
trip over to Browning Island.  A male Ruby-throated Hummingbird
stopped by today looking for the feeder that wasn't up yet.  
There were many Yellow-rumped Warblers, a couple Black-and-White
Warblers, several Pine Warblers, and a few Ruby-crowned
Kinglets. A pair of Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were loudly trying
to defend their territory from an intruder sapsucker.

The Eastern Phoebe pair were still constructing their nest.  
Last year they built two nests before deciding which one was
going to be used. A Northern Flicker was busy excavating a nest
hole way up in a half dead birch. The trunk really doesn't look
big enough for a flicker, but I guess the bird knows best. A
pair of Black-capped Chickadees have finished building their
nest about five feet off the ground in a seven foot high remnant
of a tree trunk.  So much for the three birdhouses we offered
them...  : )

A few Hermit Thrush and Ovenbirds were busy singing.  The Song
Sparrows were flitting about but no melodious song today.  The
Golden-crowned Kinglets seemed to have moved on along with the
Dark-eyed Juncos that were there a week ago.  Three Turkey
Vultures spent nearly fifteen minutes circling overhead in a
strong updraft, putting on a great show this afternoon.

There were many Double-crested Cormorants around the lake, but
we didn't see any Great Blue Herons.  I sure hope the herons
haven't totally given up their Eleanor Island nest sites to the
cormorants.  I would really miss watching the heron fishing from
the dock...what a lesson in patience!


The Ponds May 4, 212 ducks, Redhead

 Al Sinclair

 2:10 pm friday may 4, 2001

At the Bracebridge Ponds May 4, 2001

Redhead 1 (cell 1 front of plant)
(first located Wednesday by the Huntsville Nature Club)
Bufflehead 121
Ring-necked Duck 15
Wood Duck 7
Mallard 13
Lesser Scaup 45
Blue-winged Teal 6
Green-winged Teal 2
Northern Shoveler 2
9 species, 212 indivuals

Lesser Yellowlegs 6
Rough-winged Swallow
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Black-and-white Warbler
Yellow Warbler
Baltimore Oriole
Warbing Vireo
Canada Goose 7


chestnut-sided warbler

 Gerald Willmott

 10:08 am friday may 4, 2001

This morning, amongst many song sparrows and flickers was a
chestnut-sided warbler telling me how glad he was to meet me.  
Also, I believe I saw a pine warbler; not sure.  And also a
yellow bird with a blue head.  He was about the size of a vireo,
suggestions? During the night I heard another Wood Cock.

However, even though our humming bird feeder is up, there have
neen no visitors but for the occassional chickadee who likes to
have a drink.  Those birds can do anything.  Infact, last week
while I was wandering the woods one landed on my head and helped
himself/herself to some of my hair!


First Hummingbird

 Jean Niskanen

 0:03 am friday may 4, 2001

Everyone, put out your hummingbird feeders.  They're back early!
Today, May 3, I saw my first RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD at Dillon
Cove on Georgian Bay, north of Parry Sound.  This is two days
earlier than my previous early record of May 5 in 1999 after a
heat wave like the one we just had.  I wasn't ready for them but
my feeders are out now.

Last night & tonight (May 2-3) I heard Northern Saw-whet Owls
and Whip-poor-wills calling.
Also early frogs joining the chorus of spring peepers were
American Toads, Leopard Frogs and Gray Tree Frogs.


great crested flycatchers

 Gerald Willmott

 5:58 pm thursday may 3, 2001

There are two Great Crested Flycatchers circling and feeding
around our house.  Here's hoping they stay!

Also saw a White-crowned sparrow below our finch feeder. His
gleaming white head was visible from across the yard.


 re: whipoorwill, hummingbird

 Barbara Taylor

 1:46 pm thursday may 3, 2001

We heard our first Whip-poor-will Tuesday evening (May 1).  
Sounded like it was along the TransCanada Pipeline right-of-way
near Patricia Cres. and McCrank Dr., Bracebridge.  Haven't seen
any hummers yet.


whipoorwill, hummingbird

 Carlyle Challis

 11:47 am thursday may 3, 2001

tues. May 1, 9:45 pm
I heard my first whipoorwill out behind our home.  Hopefully
we'll have the chance to see the male calling from our driveway
again this year.

Thurs. May 3, 6:50 a.m.
First hummer!   That's a day earlier than last year.  I put the
feeder up on Apr. 30, early as well.

Also, our phoebes are nesting underneath the eaves of our
garage, the same place a nest was located two years ago.

It's so exciting to have the spring birds back; the blackflies I
could live without.




 gerald willmott

 11:31 am wednesday may 2, 2001

This morning I took a walk in the woods behind Milford Bay. I was
delighted to see many May Flowers, Trout Lilies, Trilliums and
other wildflowers. As for winged creatures I saw Black-throated
Green Warbler, Veery, Winter Wren, Oven Bird, Woodcock, Least
Flycatcher, and a hawk.  I am still confused between the Broad
Winged and Red-Shouldered. He had a thick black band bordered by
narrow white stripes and then the tail faded black into the rest
of the body. His wings seemed mostly white and were bordered with

However, the slightly nervous peak of the morning was a mother
black bear and her two cubs romping through the woods.


least flycatcher


 7:19 pm monday april 30, 2001

We enjoyed a visit from a least flycatcher while we munched on
our suppers on the front steps. It flitted between the maple and
the flowering crabapple, filling up on whatever is in the air at
this time of year.
A savannah sparrow came for a meal as well.


American Wigeon - Lake Muskoka

 Barbara Taylor

 4:53 pm monday april 30, 2001

This afternoon there were two American Wigeon near the south
shore of Browning Island, Lake Muskoka.  (First time we've ever
seen them on the lake.)  Also a Lesser Scaup nearby.  Most of
the Buffleheads have moved on...only one or two pairs around.


American Bittern - Bardsville Marsh

 Bob Healey

 9:54 pm sunday april 29, 2001

At approximately 4 p.m. today, my wife and I observed an
American Bittern in the marsh, just 20 yards south of the
Beatrice Townline Rd., at the bridge.  We had good looks with
the scope for over 5 minutes, but it skulked away when we were
forced off the bridge by a car.  This bird (or one just like
it!) was heard earlier this week at this location by Mary


The Ponds Apr 29, 284 ducks, Sora

 Al Sinclair

 9:39 pm sunday april 29, 2001

At the Bracebridge Ponds April 29

Bufflehead 179
Ring-necked Duck 32
Wood Duck 4
Mallard 9
Lesser Scaup 42
Blue-winged Teal 3
Green-winged Teal 7
Gadwall 1 (cell 3)
Northern Shoveler 2
9 species, 284 indivuals

Lesser Yellowlegs 1 (cell 2)
Swamp Sparrow 1 (north-west corner cell 4)
Sora (called once outside north-west corner cell 4)
Yelow-rumped Warbler 1 (at the Lagoon Lane gate)


OFO Algonquin Park Trip

 Ron Tozer

 4:48 pm sunday april 29, 2001

Over 75 people in 33 vehicles enjoyed a marvellous pre-blackfly,
sunny (but cool) day of birding in Algonquin Park on Saturday
(April 28), during the Ontario Field Ornithologists' field trip.
Our target for the day was to see Algonquin's boreal birds, and
this was accomplished with relative ease.

A male and female Black-backed Woodpecker were on a hydro pole
for all to see at Km 8, as expected. A bonus there were the two
Boreal Chickadees that came right out in the open to sit briefly
in a Red Maple for all to enjoy. This elusive species was later
encountered south  of Sprucebog trail (opposite side of the
highway) and along Opeongo Road. Sprucebog trail has been
unreliable for Spruce Grouse lately, so we went south of the
highway there to a site where I had encountered them earlier. A
male displayed for all to see at point blank range, in response
to the recorded call of a female. As usual on these OFO trips,
this was a life bird for several present. Gray Jays finally
showed up along the Opeongo Road, near the Costello Creek
culvert, and several participants fed them from the hand.
The somewhat breezy conditions resulted in Common Ravens often
flying overhead, doing barrel rolls and displaying their
distinctive field marks.

Nesting Merlins at Harkness Fish Lab on Lake Opeongo, and at the
new nest at the foot of the Visitor Centre drive, provided
excellent opportunities to view this increasingly common
species. We had good looks at Pine Siskins, Evening Grosbeaks,
and White-winged Crossbills.

In addition to great views of the northern species, there was
lively discussion on an array of topics from Gray Jay scatter-
hoarding and life history, to hawk identification, to grouse
droppings! I want to thank all members and friends for their
participation on the trip, and appreciate the leadership
assistance from my children, Laura and Doug.

Algonquin Park is reached from Toronto by heading north on
Highways 400 and 11, and then turning east at Huntsville on
Highway 60. Locations in the Park can be determined from the map
you can pick up at the gates when you buy your permit.

Good birding.

Ron Tozer
Dwight, Ont.
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This report originated on ONTBIRDS and is provided here courtesy
of the Ontario Field Ornithologists.

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 Red Shouldered

 Marty Arnett

 9:54 am sunday april 29, 2001

Up Southwood Road early Saturday morning for hawks, Torrance to
Sopher's Landing. Three Red-shouldered (tape used -look
interested, definately not acting aggresive yet), 4 Broad-
winged, 1 Coopers Hawk.


Red-necked Grebes - Lake Muskoka

 Barbara Taylor

 9:08 pm saturday april 28, 2001

Today there were two Red-necked Grebes fishing along the south
shore of Browning Island on Lake Muskoka.


Algonquin update and OFO trip

 Ron Tozer

 1:11 pm friday april 27, 2001

The ice and snow have largely disappeared from the Algonquin
Highlands, with the last ice going out of Lake Opeongo on
Wednesday.  Saturday, April 28, will be the opening of fishing
season in the Park, as well as the OFO Field Trip (starting at 9
a.m. at the West Gate).  Highway 60 will be crawling with rabid
anglers and birders!  Drivers beware. Those attending the OFO
Trip should bring waterproof footwear, although most of the day
won't require it.

Despite improving weather this week, migrants have been slow to
move into Algonquin Park. By today, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Ruby-
crowned Kinglets, Chipping Sparrows and White-throated Sparrows
were becoming widespread. On Thursday, two Virginia Rails
responding to a tape at Long Lake marsh were record early in
Algonquin, by two days. Our first Blue-headed Vireo sang at
Sprucebog on Thursday.

A pair of Merlins is occupying a new nest in a big White Pine at
the foot of the Visitor Centre driveway, and should be
displaying and calling for Saturday. Spruce Grouse have been
elusive this week at Sprucebog, but two were located nearby
yesterday, and should be present on Saturday. A female
Black-backed Woodpecker was on a hydro pole at Km 8 yesterday.
High winds have hampered detection of Boreal Chickadees this
week, but our luck should improve.

Pine Siskins remain fairly common, and a few White-winged
Crossbills and Evening Grosbeaks are seen regularly as well.

Algonquin Park is reached from Toronto by heading north on
Highways 400 and 11, and then turning east at Huntsville on
Highway 60. Locations in the Park can be determined from the map
you can pick up at the gates when you buy your permit.

Ron Tozer
Dwight, Ont.

This report originated on ONTBIRDS and is provided here courtesy
of the Ontario Field Ornithologists.

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bracebridge lagoons

 gerald willmott

 10:50 am friday april 27, 2001

In addition to the ducks listed by Al Sinclair I observed a pair
of Northern Shovelers.  What a bill! They were in the cell
directly infront of the blind.


beaumaris birds


 11:43 am thursday april 26, 2001

this morning while scouting about i found yellow rumped warblers,
yellow warblers and a pair of flickers.  Does any one know what
natural events are associated with the poplar blooms?
Also yesterday while at the lagoons i thought i saw one american
coot in the farthest lagoon, behind muskoka transort.


Crested flycatcher --&-- chipping sparrow

 Bob Burton

 7:51 am thursday april 26, 2001

While checking out the new growth of aspargus and rhubarb at the
garden near Bentriver I heard a Crested Flycatcher "seep" call,
also chipping sparrow making it's presents known.


Sandpiper and Swallow at Bracebrdige Pon

 Ron Tozer

 6:49 am thursday april 26, 2001

On Wednesday, April 25, I noted most of the ducks reported by Al
Sinclair, plus one Spotted Sandpiper and one Barn Swallow


 re: thrushes

 Al Sinclair

 9:56 pm wednesday april 25, 2001

They could be Veerys but it's a bit early for them, the first
back are Hermit Thrushes and they make the "Hree" call note, the
Veery call note is a whistle. Got a Tape? They are quite diferent.




 9:03 pm wednesday april 25, 2001

We're not very good with our thrushes, but the three we saw
must have been veeries (veerys?) this morning.
About 815 a.m., on Rocksborough Road. One calling from
the woods, the other two in the saplings by the road. One of
them was calling back. No songs yet, just that wheezy, high
"hree" call-note.
They were quite uniformly coloured, almost olive across the
back, but it must have been a muddy brown, without chest
spotting that we could see. Would that peg the bird as a
veery rather than any of the others?


BTG Warbler, N Waterthrush, BH Vireo

 Al Sinclair

 7:53 pm wednesday april 25, 2001

Our first sightings of the year today, Apr 25, all at our home
near Uffington.
Black-throated Green Warbler
Northern Waterthrush
Blue-headed Vireo


Breeding Bird Atlas Workshop Saturday

 Al Sinclair

 7:51 pm wednesday april 25, 2001

If you can you identify birds your help is needed. The second
Ontario breeding bird atlas starts this year and we need all the
volunteers we can get to collect breeding evidence data in all
parts of the province including Muskoka. This Saturday April 28
there is an Atlas Workshop at the Wye Marsh near Midland. The
Agenda is below. For more info on the atlas go to

1-1:15 pm Welcome (Mike Cadman, Atlas Coordinator)
- introductions
- overview of agenda

1-2:15 pm Atlas Presentation (Mike Cadman, Atlas Coordinator)
- Introduction to the project
- Breeding Evidence
- Rare/Colonial Species Survey
- Point Count Survey
- Ontario Nest Records Scheme

2:15-2:30 pm       Break

2:30-3pm Continuation of Atlas Presentation (Nicole Kopysh,
Atlas Assistant Coordinator)    
- Atlassing in the north
- The Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid system
- Registration

3-4pm Outdoors Session (Weather permitting)
- There will be stations on Global Positioning Systems (GPS),
ONRS, Breeding Evidence, Bird Identification and Point Counts


The Ponds Apr 25, 345 ducks, PB grebe

 Al Sinclair

 7:11 pm wednesday april 25, 2001

At the Bracebridge Ponds April 25
Duck numbers increasing lightly
Bufflehead 233
Ring-necked Duck 40
Wood Duck 4
Mallard 13
Mallard X Black 1
Lesser Scaup 42
Blue-winged Teal 4
Green-winged Teal 7
Gadwall 1 (still in cell 3)
8 species, 345 indivuals

Pied-billed Grebe 1 (cell 3)
Rusty Blackbird 1 (north-west corner cell 4)


White-throated Sparrows

 Barbara Taylor

 7:05 pm wednesday april 25, 2001

Bracebridge, April 25:

Just saw my first White-throated Sparrows of the year.  They
were cleaning up some spilled seed under the platform feeder.  I
hope they stick around until morning...I'd love to hear their of my favourites.


palm warbler, meadowlarks


 8:33 pm tuesday april 24, 2001

About 8:15 a.m. this morning (April 24) a palm warbler appeared
along the hedgerow on the farm field on Rocksborough Road.
It didn't sing, but I think I heard its call once or twice.

The meadowlarks have been back in the farm fields at the end of
our road for about three or four days. We heard one singing
tonight at the Fraserburg Fairgrounds -- it's a good spot for
watching meadowlarks. They gather on both sides of Highway 11.



re: ROM's Birds of Ontario Guide book

 Barbara Taylor

 3:32 pm tuesday april 24, 2001

I didnít know ROM had published a field guide.Is this as detailed a guide as Peterson or National Geographic?Iíve only seen ROMís online field guides which are very simplistic and only show pictures and sounds for common summer birds.For their list of 60 common birds found in the Muskoka area, go to their website at:


http://www.rom.on.c a/cgi-bin/cbcb/ region=Musk&taxon=Birds&doc_type=list





ROM's Birds of Ontario Guide book

 J E

 11:14 am tuesday april 24, 2001

Check it out it is a new Publication. It is a very great source
of info!!!! I highly recommend it! Go to the ROm and go buy it


Northern Flicker, evening grosbeeks

 Ted Smith

 10:18 pm monday april 23, 2001

    Hi folks.  Our feeder and the surrounding trees continue to
provide good viewing opportunities.  Today we had the usual
birds: chicadees, hairy woodpeckers, nuthatches,
goldfinches,purple finches and evening grosbeeks; plus we now
regularly see grackles and today a pair of Norther flickers
were in the surrounding trees.  
   Just up the river (south branch)a pair of turkey vultures are
nesting (or whatever they do) on the large rocks in the narrows.
There was also an Osprey in the area last week.  
  We live at the end of Rocky Narrows Road off of Hwy 118 East,
12 kms east of Hwy 11. Give me a call if you want to drop by



 Algonquin Raptors

 Burke Korol

 6:08 pm monday april 23, 2001

Today, 23 April, I found Merlin, Osprey, Red-tailed Hawk and
Broad-winged Hawk along Hwy. 60 in Algonquin Provincial Park.  
Also saw a tagged Painted Turtle and heard many Spring Peepers
and a Wood Frog.


New Birding Column Proposal

 Barbara Taylor

 2:43 pm monday april 23, 2001

I am posting the following note on behalf of the editor of the
Muskokan.  If anyone has an interest in writing a birding column
or perhaps assisting in some way, please reply directly to the
editor, Andrew Wagner-Chazalon.  The phone number and email
address are provided below.



I've been reading the birding list with interest, and
considering how to get some birding information into The
Muskokan (of which I am the editor). I wonder whether there's
anyone on the list who would be interested in putting together a
weekly column of sightings.

I could cobble something together myself from the postings, but
it might be better to have a more knowledgeable birder who can
give a bit more context to some of the sightings, by commenting
on relatively rare species, for example, or giving some
identification keys.

Reply directly by email ( or phone (645-


Andrew Wagner-Chazalon



The Ponds April 22, 326 ducks, Gadwall

 Al Sinclair

 10:55 pm sunday april 22, 2001

At the Bracebridge Ponds April 22
Warm front with rain passed through the night before

Bufflehead 221
Ring-necked Duck 61
Wood Duck 7
Mallard 6
Lesser Scaup 10
Blue-winged Teal 7
Green-winged Teal 12
Hooded Merganser 1
Gadwall 1

Total 326
9 species


At the Ponds Apr 20... 301ducks, 7 sp

 Al Sinclair

 12:54 pm saturday april 21, 2001

At the Bracebridge Ponds April 20
Bufflehead 161
Ring-necked Duck 112
Wood Duck 5
Mallard 6
Lesser Scaup 10
Blue-winged Teal 4
Green-winged Teal 3
Canada Goose 1


Loons on Lake Muskoka

 Barbara Taylor

 7:17 pm friday april 20, 2001

A shift in the wind did the trick.  Strong winds from the south
today brought in the loons to Lake Muskoka.  We saw five Common
Loons on our boat trip around Browning Island as well as lots of
Buffleheads and Common Mergansers.  There was still one sizeable
area of honeycombed ice moving along the west side of the island
but other than that the lake looked clear of ice this afternoon.


re: Blue-headed Vireo arrival dates

 Al Sinclair

 1:03 pm saturday april 21, 2001

April 19 is early
My arrival dates for BHVI:
April 29/1998
May 1/1999
April 28/2000


Blue-headed Vireo in Arrowhead Park

 Burke Korol

 5:56 pm friday april 20, 2001

On Thursday, 19 April I saw a Blue-headed Vireo at the main gate
in Arrowhead Provincial Park.  Apparently this is fairly early
for this species in this area.

Arrowhead Park is just east of Hwy. 11 about 5 km north of


We heard our first Hermit Thrush today

 Al Sinclair

 7:30 pm thursday april 19, 2001

When our daughter Sarah went out to catch the bus this morning
(Thur April 19) at 7:30 she came back and told us she heard a
thrush. I went out and heard 2 Hermit Thrushes singing in the
deep woods behind our house near Uffington. Hearing our first
Hermit Thrush in spring is one of the highlights of the year.


 re: DC Cormorants - Lake Muskoka

 Barbara Taylor

 9:12 am thursday april 26, 2001

At least thirty cormorants on Eleanor Island yesterday, April 25.


DC Cormorants - Lake Muskoka

 Barbara Taylor

 5:17 pm thursday april 19, 2001

Today we saw eight Double-crested Cormorants on Eleanor Island
(aka Gull Island) on Lake Muskoka.  There may have been more but
due to several small "icebergs", we didn't try boating around
the island.


Kestrel --&-- Pheobe

 gerald willmott

 3:39 pm thursday april 19, 2001

Today i saw two Kestrels at the corner of Beatrice and Falconburg
road (Goltz's Farm). There were also plenty of Tree Swallow
swooping about.  Here in Milford Bay, I have been scoping out
Roseneth property. There are a few Eastern Pheobes, and ruby-crowned kinglet. Roseneth property is straight
through the four way stop on Beaumaris Road, 118W, and look for
the fields on the right before the bridge.


 kingfishers, harrier

 John Challis

 12:24 pm thursday april 19, 2001

11:25 a.m. today, spotted a northern harrier flying over Highway
11 at South Falls/Muskoka Falls.
There was also a kingfisher working the water between the two
dams at South Falls.
And there was a pair of kingfishers on the telephone lines over
Sharpe's Creek on Fraserburg Road (at the Schoolhouse Hill, for
those who know the road intimately).



 Marty Arnett

 6:36 pm wednesday april 18, 2001

Northern Saw-whet south/east end of Loon Lake Marsh (Reserve)
has been calling since the end of February - dense area of
medium size White Pine - 4th year in a row now for owl at this
location - can be heard for some distance - calls throughout
night on well moonlit nights - visually located last spring.
Also had Saw-whet last Saturday night south side Southwood Road
north of cut off for Nine Mile Lake Rd. - small marsh with
medium size dense white pine - 2nd year for Saw-whet at this
location - surprisingly called consistently inspite of the
raucous all Saturday night by neighboring Barrs.



 Barbara Taylor

 5:10 pm thursday april 19, 2001

This afternoon on Lake Muskoka there was still some soft ice
south of Gull Island but lots of open patches of water.  The west
side of Browning Island still had ice...couldn't see that from my
vantage point yesterday but couldn't get around the island by
boat today.

Lots of Buffleheads and Common Mergansers on Lake Muskoka today,
but didn't see any Loons.


Northern Harriers and ICE OUT

 Barbara Taylor

 4:37 pm wednesday april 18, 2001

April 18, Bracebridge:
This afternoon there was a female Northern Harrier swooping low
over the fields just behind the Canadian Tire store on Hwy
118W.  Later we saw another harrier flying over the fields along
Stephen's Bay Rd. near Strawberry Bay Rd.

The ice is finally moving out of Lake Muskoka.  The entire east
side of Browning Island is now open to the mainland. There was
still ice around Eleanor Island (aka Gull Island) and south
towards Gravenhurst...but I expect most of the lake should be
clear by tomorrow from the look of the ice and the breezy
conditions today.  The average ice out day is around April 20 so
we're not far off this year.  Last year the lake was open by
March 26!


Common Mergansers

 Barbara Taylor

 4:16 pm wednesday april 18, 2001

Yesterday, April 17, there were four Common Mergansers at the
pond/swamp near the end of Henry Rd. along the TransCanada Trail.
(Henry Rd. is off Beaumont Dr. in Bracebridge)


re: frogs

 Barbara Taylor

 8:03 pm monday april 23, 2001

Yesterday, April 22, we were walking along South Monck Rd. north
of Partridge Lane (Bracebridge) and there were Wood
Frogs "quacking" loudly at every swampy area we passed by.  Found
a couple great websites with frog sounds:

There were lots of Red-winged Blackbirds in the swamps too.

Don't try driving any vehicle on South Monck north of Partridge
Lane and all the way up to Falkenburg Rd. since the roadbed is
very soft and there are a few very deep holes across the road
where the culverts have been dug out to let the water run off




 11:32 pm tuesday april 17, 2001

Don't know when they started because we were in Ottawa over the
weekend -- many birds of prey through the Park -- but when we
got back Monday night, the Spring Peepers and Wood Frogs were in
full chorus on Rocksborough Road.
Marnie Wright has a large pond in the back of her farm now, and
the frogs have taken up residence with great confidence, by the
sound of it.
Tuesday night the songs were decidedly subdued, with the cold.


re: red-shouldered hawks!

 gerald willmott

 8:58 am thursday april 19, 2001

A correction.  The they were two RED-SHOULDERED hawks, not
red-tailed.  Sorry for the mix-up


redtailed hawks

 gerald willmott

 11:20 pm tuesday april 17, 2001

Today my dad and I saw two Red-Shouldered hawks soaring above the
lagoons at Aston Villa.  They also were perching on hydro poles
and lines, offering easy viewing.  

Aston Villa (Holiday Inn) is located approximately 8 min. west of
Bracebridge on H. 118.  


At the Ponds today 178 ducks, 7 species

 Al Sinclair

 6:47 pm monday april 16, 2001

At the Bracebridge Ponds today April 16
Bufflehead 76
Ring-necked Duck 68
Wood Duck 10
Mallard 16
Lesser Scaup 3
Blue-winged Teal 4
Green-winged Teal 1


Pine Warblers

 Martin Arnett

 2:32 am monday april 16, 2001

Out on Loon Lake Marsh Reserve (West Gravenhurst) Sunday.
Several Pine Warblers along north shore. Osprey, Canada Geese,
B/Herons, Wood Ducks & Common Goldeneye. Tree Swallows
everywhere fighting over nest boxes erected. Two Otters.
Evening, familiar "peent" several Woodcock. One Common Snipe
displayng overhead. Spring Peepers came out almost overnight
with the occasional Wood Frog. Bufflehead & 3 Cormorants in Loon
& Turtle Lakes which are now approx. 75% open. What a difference
a week makes.


Algonquin Park Bird Update - April 15

 Ron Tozer

 10:13 pm sunday april 15, 2001

All lakes and large ponds are still ice-covered in Algonquin
Park, with open water only in rivers, flooded creeks and
marshes,  shallow ponds and small areas of lakes off river
mouths. Snow is nearly all gone from open areas and hardwood
forest, but still widespread in coniferous woods, including bogs
where it is  knee-deep. This weekend (April 13 to 15) has seen
major arrivals of migrants, however. The following species have
been reported for the first time this spring on the dates noted:

April 13:

April 14:
HAWK (only one previous Park sighting, on April 13, 1998,
earlier than this one by Burke Korol), WINTER WREN, RUBY-CROWNED

April 15:
ever before in Algonquin Park), OSPREY, YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER

A NORTHERN SHRIKE on the Airfield today was a week later than
the average departure here for this species, likely reflecting
the large numbers that came south this winter.

A "trial run" for the April 28 OFO hike to Algonquin Park today
yielded the following northern birds:
-SPRUCE GROUSE: displaying male and female near the top end of
the Opeongo Road (east side) in black spruce.
-BOREAL CHICKADEE: two calling at the same location on the
Opeongo Road
-BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER: drumming male at the same location on
the Opeongo Road as the grouse and chickadees; drumming male at
Km 8 on Hwy. 60; and drumming female at the Little Madawaska, Km
21.4 on Hwy. 60 (south side).
-GRAY JAY: four birds along the Opeongo Road
(Please note that the gate on the Opeongo Road is currently
locked. Locations described would require walking north on the
road for about 2 kilometres).

very numerous in Algonquin. There was a single EVENING GROSBEAK
at the West Gate today.

Very few MOOSE are being observed along the highway, although
this is prime time.

A FOX SPARROW was singing here in Dwight this afternoon, another
first of spring.

Locations in Algonquin Park can be determined from a map
available at the gates, where visitors must obtain a permit. The
Park is three hours north of Toronto, via Highways 400 and 11 to
Huntsville, and then east on Highway 60.

Ron Tozer
Dwight, Ontario

This report originated on ONTBIRDS and is provided here courtesy
of the Ontario Field Ornithologists.

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Blue Birds

 Marty Arnett

 9:46 pm sunday april 15, 2001

Up at Torrance Barrens Saturday after supper. Male and female
bluebirds in oak next to Torrance Barrens sign at top of
reserve. Also loon in lake at same location. Veery in woods just
north of where reserve drops down. Also found in marshes,
Osprey, Belted Kingfisher & Wood Ducks. Good night for owls on
Southwood Road in spite of light rain earlier in evening. Barrs
started calling long before sunset. Be aware of severe flooding
on road south of Torrance.


Chipping Sparrow

 Barbara Taylor

 7:57 pm sunday april 15, 2001

This afternoon I saw my first Chipping Sparrow of the
my birdfeeder in Bracebridge.  (April 15)



 Barbara Taylor

 1:30 pm sunday april 15, 2001

April 15, Bracebridge:
This morning there were two Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers atop a
telephone pole at the junction of Strawberry Bay Rd. and
Stephen's Bay Rd.  Along the Strawberry Point Trail there was a
male Ruffed Grouse drumming and two females nearby.  Thought I
heard a Pine Warbler but couldn't see the bird.  Out on the
point of land at the end of the trail there were two Cedar
Waxwings and three Song Sparrows.  Four Tree Swallows flew by.  
Then two Great Blue Herons flew past way out over the still
frozen lake. The ice on Lake Muskoka is looking very black but
only a few patches of open water along some of the shoreline.
The Bracebridge Lagoons are now free of ice but not many ducks
around noon hour...just Wood Duck, Mallard and Bufflehead.  


Yellow-rumped Warbler Apr 14 Gravenhurst

 Al Sinclair

 9:21 am sunday april 15, 2001

On April 14 Dan Burton had as early Yellow-rumped in his yard on
Lorne St in Gravenhurst.


Broad-winged Hawk April 14 Sparrow Lk

 Al Sinclair

 9:18 am sunday april 15, 2001

We saw our first Broad-winged Hawk April 14 beside Muskoka 13
(Southwood Rd)north of Route C. Also had a male bluebird at a
bird house on Kilworthy Rd just east of Southwood Rd and also
Rusty Blackbirds(6) at the lake on Winona Rd. The south part of
Sparrow Lake is ice-free, couldn't see the north.



 sylvia purdon

 1:02 am saturday april 14, 2001

Tuesday April 10  First Flicker of the year for me..Muskoka
Beach Road, Gravenhurst, near the Golf Course.

evening grosbeak:  m and f  Feeder at 1178 Muskoka Beach Rd.


Osprey at Matthiasville Falls

 Al Sinclair

 9:52 pm wednesday april 11, 2001

At 6:30PM today April 11, an Osprey was resting in a tree beside
the Muskoka River about 1 km below Matthiasville Falls. After
about 30 minutes it flew upstream and disappeared behind the


 snipe, phoebes, etc. on Rocksborough Rd.

 Gayle Carlyle

 9:29 am wednesday april 11, 2001

On our twice daily walks down our road with our dogs we are
pleased to see spring birds arriving.
Sunday, Apr. 8, 10:15, our first phoebe and then two days later
he'd found a "Mrs. Phoebe" .  We've had a pair nesting around
our house every year for the past 4 so we're hoping they haven't
grown tired of our place and start settling in.
Monday, apr. 9, I heard and saw my first song sparrow.
Tuesday, apr 10, 7:45 a.m. I heard my first ruffed grouse
drumming, and at about 6:45 p.m. I saw two snipe and two
mallards down in the farm fields.
Wed. apr. 11, 7:50 a.m. we heard a winter wren.

Now that "my" phoebes have returned, the next bird I'm waiting
to see is an indigo bunting.

for those of you who miss hearing Whippoorwills, we always have
a male who sings from our driveway on Rocksborough Rd.


Bracebridge Ponds today April 10

 Al Sinclair

 7:20 pm tuesday april 10, 2001

Wood Duck 14
Mallard 16
Bufflehead 17
Canada Goose 6
Golden-crowned Kinglet 4 in the alders at the south gate
Song Sparrow 3
Just a bit of open water yet, but expect the ice to go soon.


golden eagle

 Dave Hawke

 8:00 pm monday april 9, 2001

An adult male golden eagle was seen over Hwy 69 at Port Severn
on Sunday April 08. Nice view, a first for me. I've heard of
them being in this area in other spring migrations.


Sandhill Crane

 Eleanor Kee Wellman

 3:31 pm monday april 9, 2001

At 3 pm today, Monday, I saw a Sandhill Crane flying south
toward me on Hwy 169 just north of Hwy 118.  It flew south and
then headed west near Ada Lake at Glen Orchard.


Bracebridge Grt. Gray Photo on Surfbirds

 Al Sinclair

 3:02 pm monday april 9, 2001

A photo of one of the Bracebridge Great Gray Owls is on the
international birding website Surfbirds. The address is:
Scroll down the page to find the photo.


re: Tree Swallows

 Dave Hawke

 8:03 pm monday april 9, 2001

I saw about 25 tree swallows at Port Severn on the same day
(Sunday April 08). Guess they came back en mass.


Tree Swallows

 Barbara Taylor

 10:00 am monday april 9, 2001

Yesterday we saw two Tree Swallows flying over Brian Rd. in


Algonquin Park update - April 8

 Ron Tozer

 9:52 am monday april 9, 2001

Warm (15+ degrees) and windy conditions produced reports of
about 45 species in Algonquin Park today, significantly more
birds than on any previous date this spring. The Algonquin
Highlands reach elevations of 585 metres, and are typically 200
metres above the surrounding country. This results in colder
temperatures and more snowfall than nearby areas. Consequently,
snow is still knee-deep in shaded forest and fairly deep
elsewhere too, although extensive bare sections are developing
along Highway 60. Some open water is appearing at river mouths,
but all lakes and ponds are almost completely ice-covered.
Nearby Lake of Bays had two feet of ice this week. I will
report on snow and ice conditions just prior to the OFO trip to
Algonquin on April 28, so that participants can prepare
accordingly. No blackflies yet, however!

Indicative of the persisting winter conditions here were today's
first of spring reports for COMMON MERGANSER, KILLDEER, AMERICAN
TREE SPARROW and SONG SPARROW, about one week later than average
for these species in the Park. Some other arrivals were about on
average, including: COMMON GOLDENEYE and TREE SWALLOW. As with
most springs, some birds were a little earlier than average,
including first reports today of BELTED KINGFISHER, NORTHERN
FLICKER (2), and RUSTY BLACKBIRD. And despite this lingering
winter, there was even one record early species today; an
AMERICAN BITTERN reported from the Opeongo Road was two days
earlier than ever before in Algonquin Park. This guy gets
the "optimism award" for today!

A NORTHERN SHRIKE at the Opeongo Road turn was on the average
spring departure date here for the species. Our first ROUGH-
LEGGED HAWK (light morph) of the spring was noted at Cache Lake.

Three SPRUCE GROUSE were reported along the Opeongo Road today
(north from Km 46.3 on Highway 60 to the locked gate; look near
the gate and then walk north on the plowed road to the Black
Spruce area). BOREAL CHICKADEES have been fairly reliable on the
Bat Lake trail recently, and should be along Opeongo Road as
well. Listen for their "musical call", a rich wren-like
vocalization uttered in early spring and unfamiliar to many
common, with regular sightings of EVENING GROSBEAK and PURPLE
FINCH. BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER reports have been fewer than

Algonquin Provincial Park is three hours north of Toronto. Take
Highways 400 and 11 north to Huntsville and then go east to the
park on Highway 60.

Ron Tozer

This report originated on ONTBIRDS and is provided here courtesy
of the Ontario Field Ornithologists.

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Spring Birds on Rostrevor Road

 David Britton

 9:37 am monday april 9, 2001

I took a short walk down Rostrevor Road, near Windermere on the
morning of Sunday, April 8th and was treated to a number of newly
returned migrants, includiing Eastern Meadowlark, Eastern
Bluebird, Tree Swallow, Barn Swallow, Sharp-shinned Hawk,
Killdeer, Eastern Phoebe, Belted Kingfisher and Rusty Blackbird.

Where the Rostrevor Rd. crosses the Dee River, there were
Ring-necked Ducks, Mallards, American Black Duck, Hooded
Mergansers, Wood Ducks, Canada Geese, Common Goldeneye and



 sylvia purdon

 4:35 am monday april 9, 2001

2TV's 1 over Hiway 11 at the Beaver Creek hill s. of GR
     1 patrolling the shoreline of Sparrow Lake
Eastern 1178 Muskoka Beach Rd. and at Sparrow Lake

Beaver   2
        Both these beasts are giants with huge heads and bodies.
        At the `Green Bridge' at Sparrow Lake and Doolittle's
        Marsh on Canning Road.

Muskrat  none seen, but all of the reed towers made in the fall
        have disappeared, I think eaten over the winter.


Spring Birds at Sparrow Lake

 sylvia purdon

 4:28 am monday april 9, 2001

Sunday April 8, 2001, 4:00 p.m.

Unusual- Common Raven - harassed by crows on the edge of the
                       forested area of `The Point', Sparrow

Wood Duck     1 seen and heard
Canada Goose  numerous in the area-flooded fields
RW Blackbird  numerous in Wenona Marsh and big marsh on CanningRd
GB Heron      3    open water on the edges of the ice in 3
RB Gull       Covering the Tern Island (Long Island) 100's
Herring Gull  Flying over
Robins        100's throughout the whole area singing in the late
Estimated time for the ice to go out:  2 more weeks-April 25


T'was a Bluebird day

 Bob Burton

 8:30 pm sunday april 8, 2001

Saterday was a day of bitter chill as Icleaned out 22 bluebird
boxes, so I was heartenedto rise Sunday and read 10C@7.An early
check of the Cedar Lane boxes showed no activityso I decided to
check and clean bluebird boxes onFraserburgrd. back of the
tower ,the hillside pastures faceing the sun being more
advanced. At the 3rd pair of boxes on David Kent'sfenceline I
heard a bluebird ,then saw the pair of them.I cleaned out the
box --it had last years nest and 1 egg in it.As I walked away
and looked back, the male was on the roof top peering down
towards the entrance. The time was 10:28.On finishing cleaning
boxes on Aubrey Whites back pasture fenceline I saw a male
bluebird pick somthing off the ground, fly to a post to eat
it.The female joined with him. Then they flew off singing,
clearing the treetops and fading in the distanceto the north.
This pair was someone else's treasure.
 The afternoon saw me at the cottage filling the feeders.Four
species of ducks were in the Skeleton river mouth open
water.2pr. of mallards 2 pr. of common mergansers, a dozen
buffleheads,and 2 pr. of woodducks.I heard a phoebe call,a brown
creeper climbed a pine,vultures soared above,and a great blue
heron flapped lazily by.Pie and tea at my neighboursfinished off
a perfectly grand day.



 Barbara Taylor

 3:53 pm sunday april 8, 2001

Three male Buffleheads and one female were on the Muskoka River
this morning near the big bend next to Santa's Village...seen
from Beaumont Dr., Bracebridge.  Also in the area were Song
Sparrows, Red-winged Blackbirds, and an Eastern Phoebe.

There were a few Buffleheads at the Bracebridge Ponds (aka
sewage lagoons), but still only a small patch of open water.


 Eastern Phoebe

 Eleanor Kee Wellman

 10:25 am sunday april 8, 2001

A phoebe was calling from my railing this morning at 7 am.  I am
on Lake Joseph, Glen Orchard, which is west of Port Carling.


blue-winged teal

 gerald willmott

 9:09 am sunday april 8, 2001

This foggy Sunday mornign I saw a male and female Blue-Winged
Teal under the bridge at Beaumaris, the male was in full colour.
Saturday morinign i saw a pair of Hooded Merganzers.

Take 118W to Beaumaris Road, go straight through the 4way stop,
the bridge is not far.

I also have been seeing a Woodcock performing his spring dance
just past the bridge.

Gerald Willmott
Tondern Island



 Dave Wright

 9:01 pm saturday april 7, 2001

Cowbird at my feeder March 21/01


New Bird Board back-up webpage


 10:12 am saturday april 7, 2001

The Bird Board only shows reports for the most recent 90 days.  
If you wish to read earlier reports, I have created a copy which
you can access as follows:

March 1, 2001 - current date:

Oct. 18, 2000 - March 24, 2001:

The new back-up webpage is in html format so the most recent
reports should be easier to read.  If you want to find a report
on a certain species of bird or a specific date, try clicking on
your browser's "Edit" function followed by "Find(on this page)"
and type in what it is you want to search for.


eastern phoebe

 gerald willmott

 0:34 am saturday april 7, 2001

saw my first easter phoebe pumping his tail today.  He was
spending his time around a wet area.


re: disappearing messages


 9:25 pm saturday april 7, 2001

I try to monitor the Bird Board on a regular basis.  If I find
any problems with posts such as duplicate posts or half
completed reports then I will delete them just to tidy up the
Board.  This explains the sometimes "disappearing message".  So
if you have inadvertently sent a partially completed post to the
Board (this bulletin board does have a few quirks so it is easy
to do that), no problem, just try to post again.  Please feel
free to send me an email if you want to bring a specific post or
problem to my attention.

Barbara Taylor

A few of the Bird Board's quirks are outlined in the Guidelines,
which you can access by clicking on the "guidelines" link near
the top of the Bird Board webpage.


re: spring night sounds

 Bob Burton

 8:24 pm saturday april 7, 2001

 Sorry for the error. I am a beginner at this business.The night
sound that you heard is shurely a woodcock.You are in the right
habitat and the woodcocks would doing their territorial
displays.If it is at dusk you will see them raise verticaly from
the ground to out of sight, then return to the exact same spot
all the while making the sounds you hsve described.
 Bob B.


spring night sounds

 gerald willmott

 0:32 am saturday april 7, 2001

Hello all.  I am looking for answers to night Spring time
riddles.  At night I am hearing maybe one, maybe two bird sounds.
One is a sharp, and loud nasal pweeeet or zweeeet.  The other is
a more complex call, a flight call or sound.  The sound seems to
circle around.  It begins as a whirling squeeky sound, which as
it goes on becomes more frantic.  As it becomes frantic and
faster a chirp is spaced in.  It almost sounds like an engine
trying to start. The complete song is quite lengthy.  I wonder if
it is two birds and not one as I occasionally hear both the
pweeet/zweeeet and whiling sounds at once.  If anyone has
thoughts I would welcome them. I was thinking it was maybe a
woodcock?  This past Thursday at the MFN meeting a lady said she
heard something that sounded like a peeper, I think it is
possible that I am hearing the same sound.  The environment here
is lakeside with a field and swampy area.


Gerald Willmott


Kildeers --&-- meadowlarks

 Bob Burton

 11:10 pm friday april 6, 2001

Today april /06 at 1:15 I was looking for my first bluebird of
this year.Hundereds of R.W blackbirds starlings, and many robins
were picking among the horse droppings on the pastures of the
Equi-dome on fraserburg road.The call located for me two
kildeers. Two birds landed on the far side of the
pasture,joining with four already feeding.there bright yellow
breasts and black V-breast patch anounced my first Meadowlarks.


Barred Owl et al. - Arrowhead Park

 Burke Korol

 6:04 pm thursday april 5, 2001

On the afternoon of 5 April in Arrowhead Park I heard a Barred
Owl calling repeatedly around 3:45 p.m.  It was on the main road
between the gate and Arrowhead Lake.  Other birds of note on the
road were an American Woodcock, Turkey Vulture and a very
cooperative pair of Pileated Woodpeckers.

The Huntsville area is really getting flooded with migrants of
late.  Dark-eyed Junco, American Robin, Red-winged Blackbird,
Canada Geese and Common Grackle have all recently appeared in
the areas I frequent.


turkey vultures, herons

 Deborah Easson

 12:31 pm thursday april 5, 2001

Three turkey vultures arrived in Bent River vicinity on April
Great Blue Heron in the river on April 2nd. The river has been
open for ages now, but the lake here is still frozen in
thoroughly. Hope there's enough in the river to eat.


Great blue herons


 3:38 pm tuesday april 3, 2001

Sunday, April 1 5:50 pm
We saw two GBH flying westward over Hwy 11 just near Skyways.
We also saw 2 more (or maybe the same ones) flying over the
fields on Rocksborough Rd, April 2 7:40 a.m.
And the robins are singing their territorial calls.


re: Purple Finches...etc.

 Barbara Taylor

 3:31 pm sunday april 1, 2001

Early this afternoon there was a small number of Purple Finch
along with Pine Siskins, American Goldfinch, RB and WB
Nuthatches, a pair of Downy Woodpeckers, starlings, chickadees,
and several robins near the south-west end of the Meadow Heights
Dr. loop in Bracebridge.