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Red-shouldered Hawks near Hillside

 Burke Korol

 11:24 pm friday march 30, 2001

I just got word that a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks arrived on
28 March on Muskoka Road 8, north of Hillside.  These birds have
occupied this same area each year for the past 7.


Huge flock of Purple Finches

 Barbara Taylor

 1:04 pm friday march 30, 2001

Bracebridge around noon:
Very large flock of singing Purple Finches currently moving west
from Glendale Rd. towards Rockwell Ave. or perhaps Moreland
Cres. vicinity.


Bracebridge Lagoons..update

 Al Sinclair

 9:54 pm thursday march 29, 2001

A report on the public open house held March 7 has been posted
on the Muskoka Nature News Website. Nothing definite on the
future of the lagoons yet but the open house raised some
concerns. The address is:


Boreal Owl,TT Woodpecker -Algonquin Park

 Ron Tozer

 10:31 am thursday march 29, 2001

(Originally posted on ONTBIRDS Wed.,March 28)

For those who have been following the BOREAL OWL story on
Amherst Island, including their diminished presence recently,
probably because the birds are now heading back north, the
following sightings may be of interest. On March 19, a Boreal
Owl was observed perched in a maple tree in the morning (at a
home near Novar, north of Hunstville), and then seen to fall to
the ground about 6 p.m. The emaciated bird died soon after (the
specimen has been preserved). An apparently healthy BOREAL OWL
was found far from the Opeongo Road, in the Costello Creek Bog,
in Algonquin Park on March 25, by Dan Strickland and a visiting
graduate student from China, Yun Fong. This roosting owl was
located due to the frantic chattering and mobbing of a male
Gray Jay, which has a nest nearby. Despite concerns that the owl
might discover the incubating female Gray Jay, Dan noted that
she was on the nest as usual today. As expected, there was no
sign of the owl. Unlike Amherst Island, Boreal Owls found
roosting in Algonquin Park have always exhibited "one day
stands" only!

Dan found a female THREE-TOED WOODPECKER in the same Costello
Creek Bog area  today. This sighting may suggest a late winter-
early spring presence of this species in central Ontario this
year, so observers should be on the lookout for them. Or, this
bird may be the only one seen this spring! Three-toed
Woodpeckers are rarely relocated in Algonquin Park (since they
have so many feeding choices), so you will likely have to find
your own!

Snow in Algonquin Park is still above your knee in depth in
shaded woodland (requiring snowshoes off the regularly-used
trails), and recent minus 15 C (and colder) temperatures have
resulted in little open water. But, there are no blackflies yet

This part of Algonquin Park is located on Highway 60, east of
Huntsville. The latter is north of Toronto; follow Highways 400
and 11 to 60, and then head east. The Opeongo Road (open only to
a gate at the Cameron Lake logging road junction), is located 46
kilometres east of Algonquin Park's West Gate. Please remember
to report your sightings from Algonquin Park. Thanks.

Good birding,


Ron Tozer

This report originated on ONTBIRDS and is provided here courtesy
of the Ontario Field Ornithologists.

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Algonquin Park- Sunday, March 25

 Thomas Crooks

 5:18 pm tuesday march 27, 2001

For the four of us Algonqin's Missy lake trail(off Arowhon
road),walking in from the south end immediately adjacent to the
highway, yielded a female BLACK BACKED WOODPECKER a pair of
chrisp looking BOREAL CHICKADEES and a pair of PILEATED
WOODPECKERS. Also seen during the day were PURPLE FINCH,
RED WINGED BLACKBIRD was at the west end visitor centre feeder.
Despite two visits to the Spruce Bog trail, we missed seeing a

Coming toward the park from the west from early in the morning
and within a few kilometers of the park entrance we saw a RAVEN
sitting on a road side post on the south side. Upon stopping, at
least a dozen more flew up from the ravine alonside the road.
Looking down we saw at least five deer

Thomas A. Crooks

This report originated on ONTBIRDS and is provided here courtesy
of the Ontario Field Ornithologists.

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RFI Arrowhead Park

 Burke Korol

 10:06 am monday march 26, 2001

With the adminstrator's permission, I am posting the following
request for information.

Dear Muskoka Naturalists,

We at Ontario Parks are currently updating our botanical and
wildlife inventories in Arrowhead Provincial Park and the newly
created Big East River Waterway Provincial Park.  If any of you
have any natural history (e.g., bird records) data from these
areas and are willing to share them, please contact me at the
following address.  Thanks in advance.

Burke Korol
Central Zone Ecologist
Ontario Parks
451 Arrowhead Park Road
Huntsville, ON
P1H 2J4
Phone: 705-789-6822
Fax: 705-789-5948


Waxwings --&-- Purple Finches

 Bob Burton

 2:55 pm sunday march 25, 2001

Late saterday afternoon on the top limbs of an olddead white
pine,40+ waxwings sat in rows,black dots in the setting
sunlight,They could of passed off as starlings except for their
song and silouetted crests.Earlier in the afternoon two
female ,three male purple finches visited the cottage feeder-
their first spring sighting for me.


re: a robin -- finally

 Gayle Carlyle

 11:43 am sunday march 25, 2001

Yes, we too saw and heard our first robin at about 9:50 a.m. on
Last year I saw my first one on March 7th but that's about 2
weeks earlier than normal for our area.
We have kept track over the last few years and we usually see our
first robin around March 26th so this year I don't think is



re: a robin -- finally Barbara Taylor 1:08 pm saturday march 24, 2001 There was a robin along the edge of Beaumont Dr. in Bracebridge on Friday. That's the only one I've seen or heard so far this
spring. I agree they do seem a bit late compared to the past
couple of years. Maybe they've been waiting for more areas of
ground to get clear of snow. Last year the big melt came very


a robin -- finally Doug Smith 10:14 am saturday march 24, 2001 Had our first Robin of the spring today. Very late compared to last year, when we saw the first one March 6th. Seems a wave of
migrants arrived overnight -- let's hope they keep coming.


Pied-billed Grebe, Hooded Mergansers Barbara Taylor 7:37 pm friday march 23, 2001 Bracebridge--
Today around noon there was a Pied-billed Grebe on the Muskoka
River seen from Wilson's Falls Rd. just upstream from the
intersection with Ann St.

Also this morning there were four Hooded Mergansers on the
Muskoka River seen from Beaumont Dr. at the big bend in the
river by Santa's Village. This area is usually a good spot to
see various species of migrating ducks as spring unfolds.


red-winged blackbird, brown creeper Carlyle-Challis 10:48 am friday march 23, 2001 Friday, March 23, 7:55 a.m.
We heard our first red-winged blackbird this morning! On our
morning walk down Rocksborough Rd, back in a wetland behind Herb
Shire's farmhouse.
And we've been hearing a brown creeper off and on for the past
week in the wooded swamp area on about halfway between our house
and the radio tower driveway.


Common Mergansers on Muskoka River Doug Smith 12:21 pm thursday march 22, 2001 Saw 6 (4 m. and 2 f.) Common Mergansers on the Muskoka River
this morning, along the Mathiasville Rd, towards Uffington,
(sorry I didn't get a civic address #). Also saw a lone
male 'Hoodie' and a pair of otters.


Spring Birds in Muskoka sylvia purdon 11:07 pm wednesday march 21, 2001 Sunday March 18: 3 Canada Geese
3 Common Goldeneye
2 (m.& f.) Hooded Merganser
Severn River at Canning Road and at the mouth of the Severn
flowing into South Sparrow Lake on the Muskoka side.

March 8. Bill Kinghorn, 4012 Canal Road, reports 4 Trumpeter
swans flying east to west up the Severn River.

February 28. Ted Smith, Brydon's Bay Road, reports the Common
Raven pair are sitting on eggs on the cliff adjacent to his
house on Lake Muskoka on Brydon's Bay Road.

March 21: Kildeer Plover flying and calling at Fenbrook
Institution. Kildeer pair nested at Fenbrook adjacent to Unit H
last year.

Sylvia Purdon


Barred owls Carlyle --&-- Challis 7:02 pm wednesday march 21, 2001 Wednesday, March 21, 6:20 p.m.
We heard two barred owls hooting across to each other while we
were walking along the Rocksborough Rd., near the radio tower
We're taking this as a sign of spring.
We also saw a ruffed grouse perched high up in a cherry tree,
eating something. Could it have been buds? Or hopefully tent
caterpillar egg masses?
By the way, this year will mark the beginning of the tent
caterpillar infestations in Muskoka.


Canada geese Gayle Carlyle 10:18 am tuesday march 20, 2001 Not that it's too terribly exciting but I did see two Canada
geese swimming around in the Bracebridge Bay yesterday.
Monday, March 19

Great greys --&-- hawk owl Ted Smith 9:54 pm sunday march 18, 2001 The great grey owls at the Butter & Egg and Falkenburg Road
seemed to have vacated that general area. They have not been
seen for the past week or two. However, the hawk owl is still in
its regular location perched atop the trees near the farm house
located 0.5km when you turn left on the Falkenburg Road.
Interestingly this trend is similar to the one mentioned by
Bob Bowles on OntBirds concening the Simcoe County owls (posted
March 17th).

Take care...
Ted Smith


Hooded Mergansers - Bracebridge Barbara Taylor 1:45 pm sunday march 18, 2001 Five Hooded Mergansers were on the Muskoka River this morning
not far from the mouth of the river. They could be seen with
binoculars from the boat ramp area at the end of George Rd.,
Bracebridge. The river is open all the way to the mouth but
Lake Muskoka still has about 22 inches of pretty solid ice. You
can reach George Rd. from either Santa's Village Rd. or Golden
Beach Rd. depending which part of town you are coming from.




Windermere Area Birds David Britton 4:18 pm saturday march 17, 2001 Birding around Windermere today, several Pine Siskins, two Red-
breasted Nuthatches and a pair of White-winged Crossbills were
seen along Windermere Road just east of Forest Rock Store in

More suggestive that spring might actually be on the way, I also
saw two male Hooded Mergansers on the Dee River at the bridge on
Rostrevor Road.


Evening Grosbeaks Challis-Carlyle 10:57 am friday march 16, 2001 Thursday, Mar 15 at about 8 a.m. two grosbeaks flew over our
home at Rocksborough Road. They're the first I have seen all
winter. Perhaps they have been staying further south.


Red-winged Blackbird seen Vankoughnet Al Sinclair 7:34 pm thursday march 15, 2001 A Red-winged Blackbird was seen by the Graggs today March 15 at
their feeder near Vankoughnet. First this year?


shrike gayle Carlyle 2:31 pm wednesday march 14, 2001 Barbara;
Don't worry, your feeder birds will be back again soon. Last
year at this time I watched a northern shrike chase a chickadee
through and around our cedar hedge for about 20 minutes. I lost
sight of both of them so I don't know who was successful but
anyway the next day the shrike was gone and everything was back
to normal.
I saw a shrike a few days later further down the Fraserburg road
so it might have been the same one looking for slower prey.


Northern Shrike Barbara Taylor 12:17 pm wednesday march 14, 2001 Well maybe that's why all my regular feeder birds have
disappeared...just saw a shrike perched in the birch tree that
overlooks the birdfeeder.

re: Algonquin Park and area - Mar. 10 Frank Pinilla 10:08 am monday march 12, 2001 David Shilman and I headed up to Algonquin Park on Friday night,
stopping in at the intersection of Falkenburg and Butter & Egg
Roads, we saw two GREAT GRAY OWLS in this area, one just west of
the intersection along Falkenburg and one just east of here.

We then headed into the park to try and get a response from
Barred Owls, but we had no luck, stopping in about 8 different
spots. On Saturday morning, we saw many EVENING GROSBEAKS at the
west gate feeders. As noted in other messages, there are hundreds
of WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS in the area as well as 100's of PINE
SISKINS all along the Highway 60 corridor, with quite a few
EVENING GROSBEAKS mixed in. At the Oxtongue River picnic area
(Km 3) we heard 3 PILEATED WOODPECKERS, at the entrance to
the Tea Lake Dam picnic area (Km 8) we heard a GOLDEN-CROWNED
KINGLET. Along the Opeongo Road (Km 50?) we saw 3 GRAY JAYS, two
at the gate and one in the Black Spruce area about 1km walk
beyond the gate. Along Costello Creek, which parallels Opeongo
Road, was an OTTER sitting on the ice curled up. Just outside
the east gate there is a road which runs north to the Fisheries
Assessment Unit, behind there are some feeders where we saw a
RUFFED GROUSE and more Evening Grosbeaks and one DARK-EYED
JUNCO. Heading back we stopped at the Bat Lake Trail, where we
heard (and caught a fleeting glimpse) of a BOREAL CHICKADEE along
with many RED-BREASTED NUTHATCHES (more than I've seen in one
place before) and 2 BROWN CREEPERS. The Boreal Chickadee was
about 500m to 1km in along the trail going backwards/counter-
clockwise, along with most of the other birds that we saw
on this trail, also here were 2 more GRAY JAYS.


Algonquin PP - Hwy 60 about 45km east of Hwy 11 in Huntsville.
Kilometres noted in the message are as posted along the highway
in the park - Zero at West Gate.

GREAT GRAY OWLS - Hwy 118 west from Bracebridge to Butter & Egg
Road, turn right and follow this winding road until it ends at
Falkenburg Road, left about 100m was one of the Great Grays,
right to where the road bends sharply left was the other Great


Algonquin Park and area - Mar. 11 Geoff Carpentier 9:59 am monday march 12, 2001 Terrie Smith and I tried the pilgrimage to Algonquin on March
11th to search for some of the wintering birds we had yet to see
and to experience the breeding frenzy of the crossbills first
hand. The day started in a blizzard and ended in sunshine about
12 hours later, and it was a very nice day in between.

As expected the crossbills were everywhere [all White-winged]
and sang and interacted. Hundreds were seen on the roadway,
flirting with death as they ate road salt recently placed
because of the snow. Intermixed were hundreds more Pine Siskins.
Unfortunately many were killed by cars [we saw about 15
crossbills and five siskins, but we know many more succumbed].
The ravens cruised the highway and quickly snatched up the easy
pickings. Not sure how the Ravens handled the birds, we watched
as one Raven picked up a male crossbill and carried it off to a
tree to eat it ... unfortunately our car disturbed it so
we're not sure if it intended to eat it whole [as it appeared to
be doing] or not.

Other birds in the park included a Pileated Woodpecker near Tea
Lake and Evening Grosbeaks throughout. Only one Boreal Chickadee
showed and that was on the Spruce Boardwalk [no grouse]. Not
much else in the park, except BC Chickadees, Brown Creeper, RB
Nuthatch, Blue Jay, Crow, GC Kinglet, DE Junco, Downy and Hairy
Woodpecker and ... Ok I guess there were a lot of other birds!!!

We had one female WW Crossbill carrying nesting material at the
little road opposite to the entrance to Mew Lake campground, but
she flew back so we couldn't look for a nest. It was great
seeing Dan Strickland, a friend of many years, out looking for
Gray Jay nests [what else?] and his protégée [Fong???]from China.

Outside the park we had one Great Gray and a Hawk Owl near

Directions: Algonquin Park .... hmmmmm; Owls: take 118 West from
Hwy 11 through Bracebridge and follow it until you come to
Butter and Eggs Road, where you will turn right and follow it
until it ends at Falkenburg Road. The Great Gray was right here
in the woodlot on your right and the Hawk Owl was a few hundred
meters to the left in a long line of trees behind #1700.

Good Birding.


Algonquin Park Bird Report Ron Tozer 10:49 am friday march 9, 2001 GREAT GRAY OWL: one (and possibly two) between km markers 33 and
35 (east end of Lake of Two Rivers) along Highway 60 on March 7
and 8.

White-winged Crossbill, Pine Siskin, Purple Finch, American
Goldfinch and Evening Grosbeak continue to be seen along Highway

BALD EAGLE: one adult along Highway 60 on the way to Algonquin
Park, east of Dwight near the turnoff to the Haliburton Co.
landfill site, on March 8. About 30 ravens were at this site as
well, feeding on the carcasses of at least four deer (presumed
roadkills). Sightings will likely continue.

Spruce Grouse continue to be reported from Sprucebog trail.
Boreal Chickadees are being seen along Bat Lake trail, and
Opeongo Road. Gray Jays are regular along the Opeongo Road,
especially near the gate.

Brown Creepers started to sing on March 7, a sure sign of spring
in Algonquin Park!

Location: Algonquin Park is located east of Huntsville, on
Highway 60. From Toronto, head north on Highways 400 and 11 to
Huntsville, then east on Highway 60. Sites within the Park can
be located using a "tabloid" available at the gates when you
purchase your permit.

Ron Tozer
Dwight, Ont.


Canada Goose Virginia Pray 5:09 pm thursday march 8, 2001 Thursday at 5:00pm a Canada Goose and 2 Mallard Ducks flew into
the Indian River in Port Carling just below the IGA. A sure sign
of spring. Also we watched 2 Otter eating fish in one of the
openings in the ice this morning.


re:  finches singing Barbara Taylor 3:01 pm wednesday march 7, 2001 We heard a Purple Finch singing for a while this morning too.


Goldfinches Eleanor Kee Wellman 10:36 am wednesday march 7, 2001 The Goldfinches were singing this morning!


Pileated Woodpeckers Gayle Carlyle 9:53 am wednesday march 7, 2001 Wed. Mar 7 7:45 a.m. Rocksborough Rd., Bracebridge
I watched a pileated woodpecker drumming on a dying ash tree and
then heard responses from 3 different directions. A few moments
later, another pileated landed in the same tree as the one I was
watching. There was no courtship display or obvious territorial
battle going on so I wasn't sure if the second one was a female
or a rival male.
The first pileated eventually flew off into the woods and then
the other one took off in the other direction.
I may be grasping at straws but I'm going to take the sightings
as a sign of spring.
that along with our dogs are beginning to shed their winter


Northern Shrike at Arrowhead PP Burke Korol 6:15 pm tuesday march 6, 2001 As happened about 4 weeks ago, an adult Northern Shrike was
hanging around the Ontario Parks Central Zone Office in
Arrowhead Provincial Park this afternoon. It was actively
flying around and appeared to be catching flies that are active
on warm days, near the building.

Our feeders remain fairly active and feature the follwing birds:
Pair of Downy Woodpeckers
Pair of Hairy Woodpeckers
Pair of White-breasted Nuthatches
1 Red-breasted Nuthatch (rare)
20 Black-capped Chickadees
2 Pine Siskins (occasional)
1 American Goldfinch (rare)
1 Purple Finch (rare)
1 American Crow (rare)
4 Red Squirrels (always)


Female Cardinal newly arrived Barbara Taylor 9:42 am tuesday march 6, 2001 All winter long we have had a male cardinal visiting our bird
feeder. Sometimes we wouldn't see him for a couple days, but he
kept coming back...we wondered if his brief disappearances meant
he was searching for a mate. Over the past week he has started
to sing, at first just a few warm up notes, but yesterday during
the snowstorm he broke into a soft-voiced version of his "birdy-
birdy-birdy" song. Today a female cardinal joined him at the
bird feeder! What a beautiful bird!


re: Muskoka Owls Ron Tozer 4:44 pm monday march 5, 2001 (Originally posted on ONTBIRDS Mar. 4) Observers of Great Gray Owls in southern Ontario should be watching for evidence of late winter food stress and mortality, which may be occurring now in some areas, and report same to Ontbirds. An emaciated Great Gray Owl was found dead at Oxtongue Lake (Haliburton Co.)on February 17. Al Sinclair reported yesterday that two starving Great Grays were brought to a Muskoka bird rehabilitator this week, but both were too dehydrated and later died. Finally, Ron Pittaway notes: "Every year that I've seen big flights of Great Grays, some birds died of starvation. After all, these are 'starvation flights' with some birds finding areas of Meadow Voles and others that don't. This time of year is also the bottleneck when small mammal prey is at its lowest numbers. One exception might be chipmunks, which are now emerging from hibernation. Great Grays prey on chipmunks". Shortage of small mammal food, rather than the heavy crust on this area's snow, is probably the critical factor in any mortality that is occurring. Great Gray Owls can break through crust hard enough to support an 80-kg person (Nero 1980, The Great Gray Owl - phantom of the northern forest), and can reach prey as deep as 45 cm below the snow surface (Collins 1980, Aspects of the biology of the Great Gray Owl). Ron Tozer Dwight, Ont. "Ron "



Cooper's hawk Gayle Carlyle 2:00 pm monday march 5, 2001 Monday, march 5, 11:45
All of a sudden a group of 6 blue jays sitting in our crabapple
tree out front started to kick up one heck of a fuss. I looked
out thinking it was probably just a squirrel but there in the
tree underneath the jays was a bird of prey. I got a good look
at it and I'm pretty sure it was a Cooper's Hawk. It was dark
brown on the back with rust coloured streaks on the front. I
forgot to check to see if the tail was rounded or squared but
judging by the size of the bird, it must have been a Cooper's.
It was much larger than the jays, almost twice as big.
It flew up into another tree and appeared to be searching for
prey. When I took my eyes off it to get my Peterson's it was
gone. Whether it caught something or not I don't know. None of
the jays seemed to be missing but the hawk could have gone after
a chipmunk or one of the smaller birds around.
I'll keep checking around the area to see if it's sticking
around. I hope it doesn't go anywhere near Steve Hunt's farm up
the Fraserburg road because he regularly shoots at hawks to
protect his "livestock" mostly pigeons.


Check out their trip website/Sorry date Al Sinclair 7:44 pm tuesday march 6, 2001 The date they were in Muskoka was Saturday March 3, sorry for the
confusion. I received an email from Bert Filemyr one of the group
giving the address for a website with a report on their trip. I
think you will find it interesting. It includes their sightings
from Amherst Is and Algonquin also as well as photos. The address


7 Great Grays Sunday March 4 Al Sinclair 10:37 am monday march 5, 2001 A group of birders from Philadelphia saw a total of 7 Great Gray
Owls in Muskoka Sunday.
1 at Gravenhurst Sewage Plant
2 at Falkenburg Rd and Butter and Egg Rd
4 on Cedar Lane



2nd Open House Bracebridge Sewage Plan Al Sinclair 10:33 am monday march 5, 2001 The second Public Open House for the new Bracebridge Sewage
Treatment Plan will be held on Wed March 7, 2001 at 7:00 PM at
the District Council Chambers 70 Pine Street Bracebridge. A new
treatment plant will likely be built so the future of the
existing lagoons, Muskoka's Birding Hotspot, is in doubt. We
hope a good show of support will help convince them that the
lagoons are worth keeping.


Wing --&-- A Prayer Fundraiser March 25,01 Al Sinclair 3:01 pm sunday march 4, 2001 Wing and a Prayer, Muskoka's Bird Rehabilitation Centre, is
holding their Annual Fundraising Dinner on Sunday March 25, 2001
from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the Royal Canadian Legion, Muskoka
Road, Bracebridge.
The program will include:
Silent Auction of donated framed prints by local artists.
Musical Entertainment by the Peppermill Players
Guest Speakers and Presentations by the Muskoka Wildlife Centre
Tickets $30 per person available from:
The Bracebridge Animal Hospital
Martin Framing Centre, Bracebridge
Treasures & Trophies, Huntsville
Muskoka Fireside Shop, Gravenhurst
The Muskoka Wildlife Centre, Severn Bridge
Barbara Staples, 646-2083
Gail Barrett, 687-1019
Janice Enright/Wing and a Prayer, 385-1488
(posted with permission from the board administrator)



Muskoka Owls Eleanor Kee Wellman 9:26 am friday march 2, 2001 I have heard recently from property owners that more and more
birders and photographers are climbing fences and trespassing on
private property. One owner believes that people are harassing
the birds to get them to fly. This is unethical birding and
photography. There is a crust of ice here now and these birds
need all their energy to be able to hunt to stay alive.

Please respect the wishes of the property owners and stay on the
road. The birds often come to trees along the roads and afford
very close looks.


Algonquin birds / Falkenburg Great Grays Larry Hoover 9:40 am wednesday february 28, 
2001 (Originally posted on ONTBIRDS Feb. 27)
Starting early this morning, Larry Boyce and I birded across the 
Hwy. 60 corridor through Algonquin Park, beginning at about 7 
a.m. at the Eastern Gate.
The feeders there, at km 56, produced our first Evening 
Grosbeaks of the day, as well as Gray Jay. Along the highway 
edges, numerous White-Winged Crossbills and Pine Siskins were 
seen, and throughout the day, everywhere we went. A side-trip up 
the Opeongo Rd. (km 45) to the feeders also gave us excellent 
views of a number of Evening Grosbeaks. Evening Grosbeaks were
also seen at the visitor's centre (km 43), and at a couple 
places along Highway 60, but none were seen after 10 a.m. Purple 
Finches were sometimes seen in mixed flocks of siskins and 
We then hiked the short (1.5 km) Spruce Bog Trail (km 43). 
Important note: This trail can be hiked without snowshoes 
provided you stay in the centre of the trail! Stepping off the 
packed snow will provide much laughter for your hiking 
companions, as you flounder about. This short loop gave us good 
views of both Spruce and Ruffed Grouse, as well as a very tame 
Gray Jay.
Driving up the Coon Lake Rd. (km 40) gave excellent views of 
Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers. No birds other than those 
previously reported were seen on hiking the Bat Lake Trail (km 
30, also accessible without snowshoes), or driving part-way up 
Arowhon Rd. (logging trucks prevent free access).
We then shifted our attention to getting across to Bracebridge 
to check for the Great Gray Owl reported in the vthat area. 
After looking around for about one hour, we discovered not one 
but two of these owls, both just on the setting of the sun (6 
p.m.). The first was seen just north (perhaps 200m) of the 
intersection of Butter & Egg Road and Falkenburg Road. The
other was seen right at the intersection of these roads, in the 
SW corner, within 10 m of the intersection. We were unable to 
find the Northern Hawk Owl reported by others in the vicinity.
For the Great Gray Owls:
From Bracebridge take District Road 118. This appears to be a
continuation of Monck Drive. (Exit at Highway 118 from Highway 
400 and go west until it meets Monck Road, a little beyond the 
Monck Road Public School. Turn left onto Monck Road and District 
Road 118 and go about 12 km until Butter & Egg Road. Turn right 
on Butter & Egg Road and follow it to the end where it meets 
Falkenburg Road.
Larry Hoover
Peterborough, Ontario
robin??? Gayle Carlyle 3:43 pm tuesday february 27, 2001 My neighbour, Pete Vance and 
his co-worker claim to have spotted 
a robin last week (Feb. 12-16 somewhere in there) in Port 
Carling near the Town & Country gas station area.
Pete's dad is an ardent birder in Kingston so I would think that 
Pete himself is pretty good. he assures me it was indeed a 
robin; this in response to my quizzical stare.
Anyway, has anyone seen a robin in Port Carling? Or was my 
neighbour just enjoying the effects of too much fresh air and 
possibly liquid entertainment.
re: more Evening Grosbeaks Al Sinclair 1:27 pm wednesday february 28, 2001 If you go 
to the Great Backyard Birdcount page and look at the 
Evening Grosbeak Map. You will see that there are lots to the 
west and east of us with next to none in Ontario. Generally they 
move east in fall and west in spring. So since spring is coming 
my guess would be they are now moving back west, but it's just a 
guess. The website is
Look at the Common Redpoll map, lots south of the Great Lakes, 
maybe we will see some of these when they return?
more Evening Grosbeaks Doug Smith 12:07 pm tuesday february 27, 2001 Had approx. a 
dozen or more Evening Grosbeaks at the feeder this 
morning. This is the first real influx I've had for the winter. 
Would these birds be returing from a winter in the south, or 
coming down from the north or just wandering? 
Great Gray, Hawk Owl - Falkenburg Rd. C. Gryski 12:28 pm sunday february 25, 2001 
(Originally posted on ONTBIRDS Sat., Feb. 24) We found the Great Gray Owl and 
Northern Hawk Owl near the intersection of Butter & Egg Road and Falkenburg Road, 
west of Bracebridge this afternoon between 3 and 4 pm. Butter & Egg Road ends at 
Falkenburg Road. The Great Gray Owl was sitting at the top of a dead tree beside 
Falkenburg Road about 100 yards to the right of the intersection. This dead tree is near 
the road and is essentially the first tree of a grove of pine trees. He sat there quietly and 
afforded an easy and long view. Continuing in the same direction along Falkenburg Road, 
there were 2 white-winged crossbills near the house numbered 1500. Also seen along the 
road, was a Ruffed Grouse in a tree. It appeared to be pecking at the branches. The 
Northern Hawk Owl was seen by going left at the intersection of Butter & Egg Road and 
Falkenburg Road. It was perched at the top of a tree which was one of a line of trees 
going back from the road into the fields behind 1700 Falkenburg Road. Unlike the Great 
Gray Owl, it was best seen with a scope. From Bracebridge take District Road 118. This 
appears to be a continuation of Monck Drive. (Exit at Highway 118 from Highway 400 
and go west until it meets Monck Road, a little beyond the Monck Road Public School. 
Turn left onto Monck Road and District Road 118 and go about 12 km until Butter & Egg 
Road. Turn right on Butter & Egg Road and follow it to the end where it meets 
Falkenburg Road. Chester & Camilla Gryski Toronto, Ontario C Gryski 
Great Gray Owl near Huntsville Ron Tozer 9:20 am friday february 23, 2001 Just at dusk 
yesterday evening (February 22), Laura Tozer saw a 
Great Gray Owl along Highway 60 at Hillside, between Huntsville 
and Dwight (Muskoka). The owl was perched in a large tree 
bordering a big open field on the north side of the highway 
between Friendly Acres Resort and Pendale Farm (signed 
properties). This area was the location of the Northern Hawk Owl 
reported earlier in the winter.
Hillside is a hamlet on Highway 60, between Huntsville and 
Dwight. From Toronto, take Highways 400 and 11 north to 
Huntsville, and then go east on Highway 60.
Ron Tozer
re: Pileated Woodpecker Challis-Carlyle 10:29 pm wednesday february 21, 2001 
Rocksborough Road, Tuesday Feb 20.
I heard a pileated drumming Tuesday morning while walking the 
dogs. Then heard him calling from another spot by the field down 
from our place. 
The downies and hairy woodpeckers have been drumming lately, too, 
for the last week or two. Even if it is damned cold and snowy 
out, it's nice to hear something that suggests spring is near.
Pileated Woodpecker Dave Wright 4:16 pm monday february 19, 2001 Pileated 
Woodpecker seen behing Highland Ct Motel, 
Huntsville, Feb 14/01
Bald Eagle seen on Lake Joseph Al Sinclair 12:19 pm saturday february 17, 2001 An adult 
Bald Eagle was seen Thursday Feb 15 at a deer kill at 
the end of Sugarloaf Island. The island is about 0.5km off 
Hamills Point. To get there follow Hwy 169 west from Bala to the 
Bass Lake Restaurant, turn north on Hamill's Point Rd. and 
follow to the end. You should be able to walk across the lake 
from there. Reported by Jerry Kelly.
re: Bald Eagle near Windermere susan goltz 7:40 am saturday february 17, 2001 At last 
someone agrees that there is a bald eagle around 
Windermere. Robert and I saw it on Lake Rosseau, out from 
Windermere, between Wellesley Island and Tobin Island. It then 
flew over to Windermere an lit in a tree just above the Windermere 
Marina. This was on Friday, February 16th at about 5 p.m.
Unfortunately we were unable to get a picture.
Bald Eagle near Windermere David Britton 9:50 am friday february 16, 2001 This 
morning there was an adult BALD EAGLE sitting in a tree in 
the yard of 2302 Windermere Road located about 2km east of the 
village of Windermere, and approximately 200m west of the 
intersection of Dee Bank and Windermere roads.
re: Great Grays and Hawk Owl Denys Gardiner 11:11 am friday february 16, 2001 On 
January 30, 2001, on the way to Algonquin Park, I attempted to find the owls that have 
been along the Falkenburg Rd. near Bracebridge. It was snowing heavily at the time and I 
did not find any of the reported owls. Today (Feb. 15), I tried again for these owls with 
better luck (the weather was much different today). I found the Great Gray Owl on the 
west side of Falkenburg Road (it runs more or less north and south where it intersects 
with Butter and Eggs Road) about 3 to 400 meters south of the intersection with Butter 
and Eggs Rd. It was sitting in a tree right over the road. This was just a little before 
another road tees into Falkenburg Rd. Yesterday, it was reported that the Northern Hawk 
Owl seems to have moved to another location some 8 kilometers from the Falkenburg Rd. 
site. If it did move it must have returned again because I saw a hawk owl on the west side 
of Falkenburg Rd. about half a kilometer to the north from the intersection with Butter 
and Eggs Rd. It was quite a distance from the road (telescope needed). It was sitting at 
the end of a broken limb at the top of a tree located on a rise of ground. The hawk owl 
was seen from the Falkenburg Rd. before it turns westerly at its intersection with the 
Beatrice Townline Road, but if you continued along the Falkenburg Road beyond this 
intersection, the hawk owl would have been located behind No. 1819 Falkenburg Rd. 
where it has been reported a number of times in other reports. To reach this area, take 
Muskoka Rd. 118 (this extends from the end of Highway 118 near Bracebrige) west from 
Bracebridge about 12 km to Butter and Eggs Rd. Turn right on Butter and Eggs Rd. and 
drive about 5 km to Falkenburg Rd. (Butter and Eggs Rd. ends at Falkenburg Rd.). Turn 
right to where I spotted the Great Gray Owl. Turn left to where the Northern Hawk Owl 
was found. Good Birding, Denys Gardiner 
Great Grays and Hawk Owl Eleanor kee Wellman 1:55 pm thursday february 15, 2001 
Today at 9 am I searched for the Hawk Owl reported on Brakenberg 
Road by Virginia Prey with no luck. There was a Barred Owl, 
however, in a maple tree about 100 ft down a trail to Brandy 
Lake which is opposite Penny Road. It flew off before I was 
able to get any photographs.
There were 2 Great Grays at Falkonberg Rd. and Butter & Egg Rd.
The Northern Hawk Owl flew in to its precious location behind 
1819 Falkonberg Rd. as I watched.
A number of groups of Pine Siskins and White-wwinged Crossbills 
were seen gathering grit on the roads so watch out for them.
Directions: Drive approx 12 km west of Bracebridge on Hwy 118. 
Turn north onto Butter & Egg Rd. Drive approx. 5 km to 
Falkonberg Rd.
Hawk Owl Virginia Pray 10:07 am wednesday february 14, 2001 8 a.m. Wed. Feb l4/01 a 
Hawk Owl was perched on a hydro pole on 
Brackenrig road just past Penny Rd. A jogger told me it was there 
yesterday also. Directions - Take Hwy#ll8 W. from Bracebridge to 
Brackenrig road. Turn right, go about l.4km to Penny Rd. The Owl has 
been on a pole on the south side of the road. I saw it fly down 
twice this am. What a view I had. 
Purple finches Ted Gardner 8:04 pm tuesday february 13, 2001 For just the second time 
this winter we had about 3 or 4 purple 
finches on the feeder in our back yard. (meadow hieghts , 
Bracebridge) after last year when we had 20 to 30 most of the 
winter this was really a pleasant sight!
Great Gray Owl near Rosseau Burke Korol 3:48 pm tuesday february 13, 2001 I have just 
been informed by two co-workers that a Great Gray 
Owl was along Road 141, about 2 km west of Rosseau around noon 
today, Tuesday, 13 February. It was seen close to the road in 
an agricultural area.
re: Bracebridge Great Gray Lois Todd 4:49 pm monday february 12, 2001 We braved the 
cold on Sunday to take a trip to Bracebridge to see the Great Grey and the Hawk Owl. 
The Hawk Owl never appeared but we did see two Greys. The first one was in a large fir 
tree just to the right of the intersection of Butter and Eggs and Falkenburg road. Another 
pair of birders were there and had just watched it hunting over the field. The second Great 
Grey was about a kilometre further along Falkenburg - it was in the middle of the road and 
we nearly ran it over coming around the corner - luckily we were driving very slowly, 
looking for birds. It flew onto a branch on a dead tree beside the road at eye-level to us. 
Both birds were quite unskittish and sat quietly for a photo. We were also lucky enough to 
see a small flock of White- Winged Crossbills on the road and in the trees about 3 km 
along Butter and Eggs Road. Directions: Take Hwy 11 north to Bracebridge, take the exit 
to the 118. Turn left on 118 and continue about 20km to Butter and Eggs. Turn right 
along Butter and Eggs and continue to the end of the road at the T-crossing to Falkenburg 
Road (beware! there is a short section of chunky wet ice near the end of Butter and Eggs 
which is crossable, but needs caution). Lois Todd 
Bracebridge Great Gray Bruce Di Labio 4:46 pm monday february 12, 2001 At 
approximately 11:30 a.m. on Feb.11th, while leading a birding tour near Bracebridge, we 
saw one Great Gray Owl along Butter & Egg Rd. between lot #1303 and #1336. The owl 
was perched in a Scots Pine as we traveled towards the T- intersection. After viewing it 
for a few minutes it flew to the left and perched on a snag. Due to poor driving conditions 
- water over the road and ice- we could not make it to Falkenburg Rd. Directions: Go 
west approximately 12 km from Bracebridge on Highway 118W. Turn right on Butter and 
Egg Road, proceed 5 km up Butter and Egg from 118W until a T-intersection with 
Falkenburg Rd. Bruce Di Labio 
Owl. Mary Willmott 3:13 pm monday february 12, 2001 Last week the Great Gray has 
been hunting around Beaumaris Road 
off hwy 118 at Milford Bay. I saw him eat a rodent in 2 
seconds.He sat back and relaxed afterwards and two black 
squirrels ran around him up in the tree. I guess they knew he 
was full? In our yard there has been a Ruffed Grouse eating 
buds from the Birch tress .He was up at the top of the tree 
reaching very far and losing his balance and the would move on 
to another branch. We have 6 Pine Siskins, newly arrived.
Evening Grosbeak in Uffington Doug Smith 4:23 pm saturday february 10, 2001 We had a 
single mail Evening Grosbeak at our feeder this morning 
at the corner of Hawn and Peterson Roads. Hope that is a sign of 
more to come.
Great Grays seen Rosseau / Partridge Lan Al Sinclair 10:33 pm wednesday february 7, 
2001 New Locations reported:
1 seen Feb 6, 2km west of the town of Rosseau beside Hwy 141. 
field north side of Hwy, farm nearby with Quonset Hut building. 
Reported by Rick Hillman.
1 seen Feb 7 and occasionally for last month near the junction 
of South Monk Drive and Partridge Lane. Last seen about 1.2 km 
west of the corner, unsuccessfully chased a Black Squirrel in a 
back yard. May be the same bird seen at Ziska Rd and Muskoka 118 
on Feb 3. South Monk Drive is 1 km west of Bracebridge off 
Muskoka 118W. Reported by Wendy Moses.
Northern Shrike Dave Wright 10:13 pm tuesday february 6, 2001 On Feb 2 about 4 pm a 
Northern Shrike dropped in for an 
early supper at my feeder. Scratch one Chickadee.
Also I'm sighting both Crossbills on my road daily. Peace 
Valley Rd off Muskoka road 117. 
Algonquin Park Great Gray Owl Larry Boyce 8:06 pm tuesday february 6, 2001 While 
birding Algonquin yesterday we spotted a great gray owl at 
km. 28 on Hwy 60. It can be hard to spot with the backdrop of 
trees and in fact when returning to it 2 of our party still had 
a tough time spotting it but once they did they had great 
looks. There are plenty of white winged crossbills singing from 
the treetops and flocks of pine siskins as well. Other than 2
ruffed grouse in a tree and the normal birds that was it.
Larry Boyce
Bald Eagle Virginia Pray 3:30 pm tuesday february 6, 2001 On the weekend my neigbour 
and her husband saw a Bald Eagle fly 
past their house on the Indian River, Port Carling and land in 
a tree at Hanna Park. It didn't stay long. Anyone else see it in 
the Port Carling area? The Loon is still here as well as a 
number of Common Golden Eyes.
great gray in my backyard Greg James 8:24 am monday february 5, 2001 I couldn't believe 
my eyes, there it was perched on a branch of 
the huge oak just outside my Muskoka room. F.Y.I. I live across 
the river from Cedar lane.Date Sunday Feb.4th @ 11am
re: Great Gray Barbara Taylor 10:27 am tuesday february 6, 2001 A post on ONTBIRDS 
identifies the raptor in the field across from 
Ziska Rd. as a Great Gray Owl. Seen by Wayne Laubscher and 
friends around 4:45 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 3.
re: Great Gray and Hawk Owl Anthony Lang 3:37 pm sunday february 4, 2001 (Originally 
posted on ONTBIRDS Feb. 3) I was along with Brete Griffin's Peel Birding Class again 
and saw the Bracebridge area Great Gray Owl(s) and Hawk Owl. On our way to the last 
reported locations of the owls, were driving west along hwy 118 and spotted a large 
raptor south of hwy 118, a few hundred metres east of the entrance to Ziskas Road. 
However, we couldn't signal our group's other vehicle ahead of us, so we didn't stop to 
check it out. This might be worth while for future observers to check out. Later, on 
Falkenburg Road a couple of hundred metres north of the intersection of Falkenburg and 
Butter and Egg Roads, we saw a GREAT GRAY OWL hunting a couple of hundred 
metres east of Falkenburg Road. It was using perches on the eastern edge of a hill just east 
of a farmyard. It returned from one foray with a meal. From the same point on Falkenburg 
Road we could see the HAWK OWL in the opposite direction. The bird was using various 
perches about 300 m west of Falkenburg Road. We turned around and drove south and 
east before spotting a GREAT GRAY OWL perched on a power line over Falkenburg 
Road a few hundred metres south of its intersection with Butter and Egg Road. We 
returned to Falkenburg Road and parked south of the owl to watch it hunt. After scanning 
for voles from that perch, the owl flew slowly past our passenger side windows to perch 
about 25 m south of us. It changed perches on the wire occasionally, at one point landing 
right above some of our heads! Like many northern bird species, it paid us no more 
attention than it would to a browsing moose. However, I suspect that talking and making 
other noise might interfere with its ability to hear voles under the snow cover. We did not 
see two Gray Owls simultaneously, so we don't know if this was a different bird. We also 
saw WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS at various points around Bracebridge and 
Huntsville. Directions: Go west approximately 12 km from Bracebridge on Highway 
118W. Turn right on Butter and Egg Road, proceed 5 km up Butter and Egg from 118W 
until a T-intersection with Falkenburg Rd. The Hawk Owl and one Great Gray Owl 
sighting were north (left turn), whereas the second Gray Owl was to the south (right turn). 
"Anthony L. Lang" 
Pileated Woodpecker MNR Pam Dunlop 4:04 pm wednesday january 31, 2001 
Wednesday January 31st 2pmish Kim N & I were making our way up 
the large hill on the main trail of the MNR ski trails and a 
crimson crest caught my eye. To our right 1/2 way up the hill a 
pileated woodpecker was snacking in a large hollowed out tree. 
We observed him for several minutes until he flew off. What a 
Boreal Owl relocated Mon Jan 29 Al Sinclair 11:04 am tuesday january 30, 2001 A Boreal 
owl was seen near Bracebridge on Sun Jan 28 and Mon Jan 
29. It was found Sun morning by Mary Campbell beside a private 
rd on the north side of Lake Muskoka about 10 km west of town. 
ID was confirmed by Barb and Meridith Coates but the owl 
disappeared around noon before other birders arrived. The area 
was searched but it couldn't be relocated.
On Monday Doug Smith looked again on the slim chance that it 
might have returned. With the help of an agitated Chickadee, he 
found it around 3 PM about 50 meters from the original location. 
3 more local birders arrived in time to see it before it flew 
further back from the road and out of view at about 5 PM.
A photo of the owl taken with a digital camera on Monday is 
posted at In the 
photo the owl is sleeping with it's head turned and face hidden 
in its shoulder feathers. It did look around a couple of times 
so we could see the identifying features of the face. It also 
pooped a couple of times and appeared to be healthy. On both 
days the owl was about 3 meters up in small maple trees. 
Directions: (For optimistic birders) Bracebridge is just west of 
Hwy 11, 2 hrs north of Toronto and 3 hrs south of North Bay. Go 
11 km west from Bracebridge on District Rd 118W, turn left on 
Wyldewood Rd. Go about .5km and park at the first sharp bend 
left. The owl was between this bend and the next right bend just 
before a clearing. Sunday it was on the left side next to the 
road. Monday it was on the right side on the edge of a small 
ravine. It flew up the ravine to the right(west) Monday evening. 
The snow is deep in the bush, snowshoes recommended.
Al Sinclair
Great Gray --&-- Hawk owls...Again!! Ted Gardner 8:59 pm monday january 29, 2001 
We followed posted messages and sure enough the owls were there!!
On the big bend on cedar lane a very large Great Gray Owl sat 
in a large maple (monday 26th about 9 am) just behind the house, 
the whole time surveying the landscape for mice. we left after a 
good look and proceeded to Butter and Egg rd. and after about 5 
minutes of looking over #1336 we spotted another Great gray at 
the very back of the clearing. My Pop (Jim Gardner) snow shoe'd
to within 15 feet and got some great pictures, all the while the 
owl paid no attention to this disturbence. shortly after we 
proceeded to 1819 Falkenburg rd and sure enough in a large dead 
tree, at the very peek sat a Northern Hawk Owl also in hunting 
mode!! Overall the bird board gave us 3 places and 3 owls, What 
great day!!!
Great Grey Owl - near Huntsville Ethan Meleg 3:46 pm monday january 29, 2001 
(Originally posted on ONTBIRDS Sunday, Jan. 28) This morning(Sunday) I saw a Great 
Grey Owl on the west side of Hwy 11, just south of Huntville. The bird was 1km north of 
Stevenson Road 12 near the Rona Cashway buiding. If this bird has already been reported 
by other birders, please accept my apologies. Happy winter birding! Ethan Meleg 
(Tobermory) Bird & Nature Photography "Ethan Meleg"
Cedar Lane Great Grays...Update Al Sinclair 6:05 pm sunday january 28, 2001 A Great 
Gray was seen again at Cedar Farm Lane on Sat. Jan 27 at 
4:30pm. Go north along Cedar Lane from Taylor Rd. and look 
around the gray house that is almost straight ahead as you drive 
around the big bend in the road at Cedar Farm Lane (private 
road). It was part way down the private Rd on Saturday. Earlier 
in the week Gayle Carlyle reported seeing two different Great 
Grays in the same area.
More Great Gray sightings/new locations Al Sinclair 5:53 pm sunday january 28, 2001 
Sunday at 11:00 am Jan 21, Great Gray on the north side of Hwy 
169 in a dead tree in an open swamp about one km west of the 
Bass Lake restaurant. It was in the same location just before 
dusk at about 5:30 p.m.
Thursday Jan 25 Great Gray, Hwy 118W at Brandy Crest Road just 
south of Brandy Lake -- right between Smith's Country Gardens 
and the red Antique barn. Sitting in an elm at the back of a 
Both sightings by King Wright.
Boreal Owl seen near Bracebridge Al Sinclair 5:50 pm sunday january 28, 2001 A Boreal 
Owl was seen this morning sitting beside Wyldewood Rd. 
west of Bracebridge. The road number is 2045, about 11 km west 
of town on Hwy 118W. The owl was in the sun about 2 meters up in 
a small tree close to the road just after a sharp left turn .5km 
from the Hwy. It was photographed around noon but it disappeared 
by 1:30 and could not be relocated. Found by Mary Campbell.
Screech Owl hits window in Gravenhurst Al Sinclair 5:32 pm sunday january 28, 2001 On 
January 24 an Eastern Screech Owl was killed when it hit a 
window at 124 Park Lane in Gravenhurst (south-east corner of 
town). The Owl was collected and the ID confirmed. Screech owls 
are rare in Muskoka but 2 were reported last spring, sightings 
in winter are very rare. Reported by Keith Barlow.
Cardinal/Bohemian Waxwings Virginia Pray 9:12 pm monday january 22, 2001 Monday, 
January 22,2001, l0.30am while looking for the Waxwings 
on Wellington St a Cardinal flew across the road in front of us. 
It was in the vacinity of 38l Wellington St at the top of the 
hill. Perhaps somesone has it at their feeder. Also later on 
High Falls Rd at #ll56 a flock of 50 or so Bohemian Waxwings 
were feeding on a berry tree located near the house which is 
back a ways from the road. The Hawk Owl was still at #l8l9 
Falkenburg Rd.
re: Owls near Midland Barbara Taylor 10:12 am monday january 22, 2001 A report on 
ONTBIRDS confirms as of Sunday, Jan. 21, three Great 
Grays along Triple Bay Rd. between #3082 and #3119 and the N. 
Hawk Owl was still on King St. across from Andrea's restaurant in 
crossbills Challis-Carlyle 11:27 pm sunday january 21, 2001 We have been meeting with 
some wandering crossbills lately. On 
Saturday morning, a single white-winged crossbill landed almost 
at my feet to pick at some sand on Harold Andrews' driveway. We 
often hear a flock of white-wings passing overhead while walking 
the dogs in the morning.
Great Grey Owls Shay Redmond --&-- Su 6:40 pm sunday january 21, 2001 Sat. Jan 20th.
Su & I were at Cedar lane around 8:00am where we saw our first 
Great Grey Owl in a field as described by other birders, at the 
big bend in the road. Then we went to Butter & Egg rd where we 
saw another owl at # 1336 we proceeded to go further down Butter 
& egg to Falconburg rd where we had great looks at another Great 
Grey when all of a sudden there was a shadow and another one 
landed in the same tree. After all was said and done we had seen 
five or six great greys. The Hawk Owl was still in a tree just 
up the road on Hewlitt rd.
Shay Redmond. 
Bohemian Waxwings Bob Healey 5:24 pm sunday january 21, 2001 At 1530 hrs. today, 
on my way back home from looking at the "Bracebridge Owls" with Jim Bryant, we 
spotted 18 Bohemian Waxwings at the foot of Upper Wellington St., at the top of a maple 
tree. Whe we got out of the car, they flew off over to Tim Horton's, wheeled around and 
(thankfully) returned to the same tree.
After dinner, at 1545 hrs., I returned with my wife, and found 44
"bohemians" at the top of Upper Wellington in a poplar tree. There were none at the 
bottom of the hill, so I presume they had moved, and were joined by others.
red crossbills Bob Burton 4:36 pm sunday january 21, 2001 Small flock of red crossbills 
seen on January 21 at the MNR Resource Center ski trails, on the deer trail section near 
the river.
Orange Cardinal Barbara Taylor 4:32 pm sunday january 21, 2001 Today I had a male 
Northern Cardinal visit my birdfeeder. While 
it isn't all that unusual to see Cardinals in Muskoka, this guy 
was more orange in colour than red. Could this bird be a first 
year male? According to one of my fieldguides, a first year 
male Scarlet Tanager can be quite orange and indeed I saw one 
last summer. I can't find any reference to such an orange 
colour with Cardinals though.
Bohemian Waxwings in Huntsville Ron Tozer 7:46 pm saturday january 20, 2001 Today 
at about 4 p.m. there was a large flock of about 300 
Bohemian Waxwings perched in the tall trees along Hilltop Drive 
in Huntsville. This is one of two big groups of Bohemians that 
are working their way through the Mountain Ash crop in town this 
From Toronto, proceed north on Hiighways 400 and 11 to 
Huntsville. Take the Highway 60 exit and proceed east to the 
first stoplight at the junction with Muskoka Road 3. There is a 
Tim Horton's on the corner, and Hilltop Drive is behind it, the 
first right hand turn off Muskoka Road 3. You could watch
them while drinking your coffee!
Ron Tozer
Great Gray and Hawk Owl - Falkenburg Rd. Ron Tozer 7:40 pm saturday january 20, 
2001 Between 4.30 and 5.30 p.m. today there was a Great Gray Owl 
again at 1336 Butter and Egg Road (1.7 km up from Highway 118W), 
and the Northern Hawk Owl was in its favourite big tree far 
behind 1819 Falkenburg Road, as usual.
Go west approx. 12 km. from Bracebridge on Hwy. 118W . Turn right
on Butter and Egg Rd., and proceed 5 km. to Falkenburg Rd. Turn 
left and proceed .5 km to Beatrice Town Line junction. Stay on 
Falkenburg Road to get to 1819.
Ron Tozer
re: Falkenburg Rd. Owls Eleanor Kee Wellman 10:15 am saturday january 20, 2001 
(Originally posted on ONTBIRDS Friday, Jan. 19)
Hello Birders,
For anyone interested in Great Gray Owl in Muskoka, one was seen 
today in the general area of previouse postings - Butter & Egg 
Road and Beatrice Town Line. I watched for 4 hours over the day 
and saw only one. It spent all its time in the trees bordering 
the two fields to the east and west of Butter & Egg Rd at 
Beatrice Town Line. It can be very difficult to see as its 
colouring matches that of the Maple branches on which it sits. 
If you can't find it keep watching until it flies.
The Northern Hawk Owl is still being seen in the Maples behind 
#1819 Falconburg Road. A scope is needed for good looks.
Take Hwy 118 west approx. 12 km from Bracebridge to Butter & Egg 
Road. Turn North and proceed approx. 5 km to Falconburg Rd which 
becomes Beatrice Town Line. These road are a bit confusing 
because Falconburg Road runs east from Butter & Egg Rd. and also 
north off Beatrice Town Line where the Hawk Owl is being seen.
I will be out there by 9 am Saturday morning if anyone gets lost.
Eleanor Kee Wellman
Owls near Orillia, Midhurst, Midland Barbara Taylor 10:12 am friday january 19, 2001 I 
am passing along these directions to more potential owl 
locations as described by Bob Bowles.
Northern Hawk Owls
1 along to Uhthoff Trail north of Orillia. Take Burnside Line 
north from hwy 11 for about 8 km. to the Uhthoff Quarry. Check 
the field to the east of Burnside Line or walk back south on the 
Uhthoff Trail where is crosses Burnside Line.
1 on King Street in Midland just south of hwy 12 across from 
Andrea's Restaurant.
Great Gray Owls
1 in Midhurst at the corner of Pooles Road and Russell Road. 
Hwy 11 to Barrie then north on Bayfield St. to Midhurst. Turn 
right onto Doran Road and follow it to Russell Road. Turn right 
and follow it to Pooles Road.
1 at Port McNicol on Triple Bay Road. Take hwy 12 east out of 
Midland or west from hwy 400 to Triple Bay Road. Go north on 
Triple Bay Road 2.2 km. pass Talbot Road and check the field 
and trees on the left near Freitags.
1 on the road just south of the village of Phelpson
1 on Line 10 of Oro-Medonte at lot 6-7 west of Jarrett.
1 on Line 1S of Oro-Medonte south of Shanty Bay.
Snowy Owls
1 at Midhurst at the corner of Doran Road and Russell Road near 
microwave tower.
1 on con 2 of Ramara southeast of hwy 12 about 1 km.
There are more reports of Snowy Owls but these are not confirmed.
Thanks for the directions Bob.
re: Falkenburg Rd. Owls Barbara Taylor 7:12 pm thursday january 18, 2001 Bob Bowles 
has reported that a friend found the two Great Gray 
Owls on Falkenburg Rd. yesterday, Jan.17.
re: Great Gray Owl - Cedar Lane, Bracebr Ross Evans 4:20 pm thursday january 18, 2001 
Ken Teasdale and I found the Owl at 11.45am to-day,Thur.Jan.18
just west of the big bend,on the north side of Cedar Farm Lane,
not 60 yards from the corner.It was sitting at top of 16 ft.
coniferous tree.Also saw the Hawk Owl at corner of Falkenburg
and Beatrice Townline.We did not see either of the Great Gray
Owls there. Ross Evans
Ring-necked Duck in Huntsville Ron Tozer 2:54 pm thursday january 18, 2001 The male 
Ring-necked Duck first found in December, and recorded 
on the Huntsville Audubon Christmas Count, continues to inhabit 
open water near the Swingbridge in Huntsville. I saw it today 
along with about 150 Mallards and 50 American Black Ducks, plus a 
female Common Merganser (seen there for the first time, today).
This site has open water maintained by a slight current in the 
river, and the actions of this big flock of ducks. This location 
has attracted unusual winter waterfowl each year recently, with 
species including Green-winged Teal, Northern Pintail, American 
Wigeon, and Lesser Scaup. It is worth monitoring on a regular 
basis. The puddle ducks are fed by several local people, and the 
diving ducks are apparently able to sustain themselves in the 
open area
re: Falkenburg Rd. Owls Barbara Taylor 11:29 am thursday january 18, 2001 Bob Bowles 
has reported that the N. Hawk Owl was found on Monday, 
Jan. 15 behind #1700, but he couldn't find the Great Grays. The 
weather wasn't very good on Monday with freezing drizzle and 
snow, so maybe the owls were under cover. Or maybe they have 
moved on after their lengthy stay in the area.
There are several birders from out ot town who are planning a 
trip here to see the owls. Any updates as to the latest 
sightings would be very helpful.
Has anyone seen the Great Grays since Sunday, Jan. 14?
re: Falkenburg Rd. Owls Ron Tozer 10:58 am thursday january 18, 2001 Dick Rosche has 
asked me to post the following:
"A trip from the Buffalo area last Saturday (Jan. 13) to see the 
Great Gray Owl and No. Hawk-Owl was very successful. We made the 
trip in time to see both owls in the same day! We saw the Great 
Gray behind 1690 Beatrice Line at 3:40 PM and the Hawk-Owl about 
a half hour later behind 1819 Falkenburg Rd. It was also great to 
see and hear all the White-winged Crossbills in Algonquin! Much 
thanks to all the folks who posted the whereabouts of the owls so 
frequently as to exact locations!"
Go west approx. 12 km. from Bracebridge on Hwy. 118W . Turn right 
on Butter and Egg Rd., and proceed 5 km. to Falkenburg Rd. Turn 
left and proceed .5 km to Beatrice Town Line.
Dick Rosche
Ron Tozer
re: WW Crossbills - Bracebridge Barbara Taylor 4:53 pm wednesday january 17, 2001 
Today around 1:30 p.m. we found the White-winged Crossbills near 
the Henry Rd. end of this same stretch of the TransCanada Trail. 
If you stop every once and a while to listen for their song you 
will have a much easier time finding them.
Great Grey Owl Fitzmaurice 9:39 am wednesday january 17, 2001 Seen at his home on 
Hwy. 118 W near Tamwood Lodge on the morning 
of January 16, 2001
Great Gray, Juddhaven Road Eleanor kee Wellman 1:54 am tuesday january 16, 2001 I 
spoke to a woman named, Carolyn Moore, tonight who said that 
there was a Great Gray Owl along Juddhaven Road in Minnett for a 
few days. It was last seen there Monday.
Great Gray Owl - Cedar Lane, Bracebridge Barbara Taylor 1:04 pm monday january 15, 
2001 Thanks to Al Sinclair for reporting this new location in an 
earlier post to the Bird Board.
The bird has moved north a bit from the original sightings. At 
noon today we found a Great Gray Owl along Cedar Lane at Cedar 
Farm Lane, in Bracebridge. Travel north along Cedar Lane from 
Taylor Rd. and look towards the gray house that is almost 
straight ahead as you drive around the big bend in the road at 
Cedar Farm Lane (private road). Clearly visible as you round 
the bend, the owl was sitting in a deciduous tree amongst 
several pine trees. Earlier the owl was in a short pine tree in 
the field just east of Cedar Farm Lane on the north side of 
Cedar Lane but it was barely visible through the row of pines 
alongside Cedar Lane.
A local resident confirmed the owl has been in the area for a 
while, and he often hears the owl whoo-ing at night.
Falkenburg Rd. Owls Alastair Gorman 9:00 pm sunday january 14, 2001 Today (Sunday) 
Shirley Shepherd and I went in search of 
the "Owls of Falkenburg".
The Northern Hawk Owl was perched on top of a tall tree about 
200 to 300 m behind #1700 Falkenburg Road, or about 200m west of 
Falkenburg after it makes the 90deg turn at Beatrice Town Line. 
It was there between 1 and 1:30 pm and still there at 3:00 pm.
Two Great Grey Owls were found further west at 1529 Falkenburg 
Road, thanks to an annonymous birder who came back to tell us. 
The first was perched on a pole then on a tree about 30 ft from 
the road on the north side. The second was at the west side of 
a small meadow just west of #1529, on the south side of the 
road, perched on a pine sapling. Excellent close up views of 
Also on roadside trees at 1529 Falkenburg: male and female WW 
Crossbills, Hairy Woodpecker, Red Breasted Nuthatch, Chickadees 
and Blue Jays.
North on Highway 11 to Bracebridge, exit west on Muskoka 118 
(Formerly Hwy 118), go 13 km west of town turn right (north) on 
Butter and Egg Road, 5 km to Falkenburg Road.
a) turn left 0.5 km to 1700 Falkenburg/Beatrice Town Line
b) turn right 1 km +or- to 1529 Falkenburg.
Alastair Gorman
Markham, Ontario
Common Redpolls in Arrowhead Burke Korol 5:34 pm sunday january 14, 2001 There 
were about 25 Common Redpolls at the ski hut parking lot 
in Arrowhead Provincial Park around 3 pm on Saturday, 13 Jan. 
Even more interesting was the partial albino White-tailed Deer 
that we saw on the Stubb's Falls trail that day. Its body was 
about 50% white, with a normal head and eyes.
Robin near Dwight Rick Stronks 2:16 pm sunday january 14, 2001 This morning Kelly 
and I saw a robin near our bird feeder. 
When the robin tried to approach closer to the feeder, the blue 
jays drove it away.
There has been a rumour that there is a house someone in this 
area that still has up to 10 robins feeding on suet. Anyone 
know anything about this?
Our address is 3282 Highway 35, five minutes south of Highway 
60. We are approximately halfway between Dwight and Dorset.
Rick and Kelly Stronks
Great Grays...New locations Al Sinclair 10:11 am sunday january 14, 2001 1 east of 
Minett on Juddhaven Road, near The Bluff Road, on Jan. 
10 and Jan. 12, about nine a.m. He was observing the world from 
a hydro wire, 
Reported by Vivien Rogers
1 on Cedar Lane in the fields around #1680 since Jan 2, seen 
today Jan 14. Cedar Lane is west of the Taylor Rd exit to 
Bracebridge. Reported by Barry Faulkner and Pam Dunlop.
Bohemian Waxwings      Regan Goodyear  2:45 pm saturday january 13, 2001 
There is a flock of 170 - 200 Bohemian Waxwings around Meadow  Heights/Moreland 
Court, Bracebridge                    
owls Mara Goodyear 1:23 pm saturday january 13, 2001 The Great Gray and Hawk owls 
were still at Butter and Egg Rd. 
and Beatrice Town Line this morning at 10:30. Two life birds 
for me. Awesome!!
Bald Eagle Eleanor Kee Wellman 3:28 pm friday january 12, 2001 Today at 1:30 pm I 
saw an adult Bald Eagle circling above Hwy 
118 west of Bracebridge. I had time to get out of my vehicle 
and take almost a whole roll of film as it circled out of sight 
to the north. This was in the area of the deer yard, close to 
Camsden Rd and North Fork Welding.
I too spent time with the Great Grays and saw the Hawk Owl this 
morning. It was in the same tree for 3 hrs in the field on the 
same corner where the Brewer's Blackbirds were found.
Also, no Goldfinches at feeders at all today.
WW Crossbills - Bracebridge Barbara Taylor 2:24 pm friday january 12, 2001 Today 
around 1:00 p.m. there were several White-winged 
Crossbills and Pine Siskins along the TransCanada Trail between 
Henry Rd. and the Bracebridge Ponds (aka sewage lagoons). You 
can take Beaumont Dr. to Kerr Park and then walk south to pick 
up the trail alongside the frozen lagoons. Or you can drive a 
little further west along Beaumont Dr. to Henry Rd. and try to 
park there, but Henry Rd. hasn't been cleared of snow.
great grey owls Ted Smith 9:30 pm thursday january 11, 2001 I just had a great day 
snapping some photos of the great grey 
owls out on the Falkenburg Road. What an awesome bird. When I 
arrived at the intersection of Butter & Eggs and the Falkenburg 
Road I immediately saw the one owl on the hydro wires. After a 
few minutes it flew onto the lone thin tree in the middle of the 
field south-west of the intersection. Eventually I drove further 
west on the Falkenburg Road (about .5kms) and spotted the second 
great grey perched on an old fence post just north of the road by 
the peat moss farm. I was not fortunate enough to see the 
hawk-owl. I don't believe it is still in the area as a 
knowledgeable area resident has not seen it lately. Still it was 
quite a treat to see the pair of great greys so close.
Directions: Please see the previous posted messages on the great 
grey owl.
Take care,
Ted Smith
re: Bohemian Waxwings - today over 200 Barbara Taylor 2:38 pm saturday january 13, 
2001 At 2:15 p.m. today (Sat., Jan.13) over 200 Bohemian Waxwings flew 
in for a brief rest in the tall poplar? trees behind #103 and 
#105 Glendale Rd., Bracebridge. They only stayed about ten 
minutes and then flew off to the north towards Meadow Heights Dr.
re: Bohemian Waxwings - Bracebridge Barbara Taylor 3:13 pm thursday january 11, 2001 
At 2:45 p.m. there was a small flock of Bohemian Waxwings in a 
tall tree behind 103 Glendale Rd. (on west side, just south of 
Kevin Cres.), Bracebridge. The birds were still there at 3:00 
Bohemian Waxwings - Bracebridge Barbara Taylor 12:19 pm thursday january 11, 2001 
Large flock of Bohemian Waxwings seen moving west along Meadow 
Heights Dr. in Bracebridge. Last seen in tree beside 85 Meadow 
Heights Dr. at 12:05 p.m. today. They may stay awhile since 
there is a shrub with berries in front yard
Algonquin - Winter Finches Ken Kingdon 10:58 am thursday january 11, 2001 On Wed., 
Jan.10 Ken Kingdon et al journeyed to Algonquin Park. 
The sound of silence was broken everywhere we visited by WHITE-
WINGED CROSSBILLS singing. These welcome songs, together with 
deep powder snow draped above on large Pines, was a beautiful 
experience. WW Crossbills were all along the Hwys. 60 & 62 
(drive slowly!). Only saw one RED CROSSBILL. 
PINE GROSBEAKS - two on Opeongo Lake Road and one on Hwy.60. 
EVENING GROSBEAKS - in Whitney (numerous) and along the Hwy.60 
PINE SISKINS - numerous 
GREY JAYS - on Opeongo Lake Road at the gate. 
BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER - on Opeongo Lake Road at the gate. 
Good views of a handsome male. 
At the Visitor Centre: just lots of GOLD FINCHES and BLUE JAYS, 
plus some JUNCOS, but the real neat thing was a pack of WOLVES 
howling at 1PM close-by, across Sunday Creek. Cool... I kept 
howling and they kept howling back! 
heard in this quiet flock). HAIRY WOODPECKERS. 
At the Castello Picnic Site on Opeongo Road a cow & calf Moose, 
nice and close (yup, I had my camera!). Already the Winter 
Ticks had caused her to rub her shoulders bare to the skin, so 
hypothermia will likely kill her by late winter. Hey... farmers 
give cattle blocks of blue salt to lick; I wonder if salt 
blocks dosed with medication to kill Winter Ticks would help 
save some Moose? Naw.. this would not jive with modern 
management strategy. 
Happy birding, 
Ken Kingdon 
Was a Great's the story Al Sinclair 1:40 pm friday january 12, 2001 The 
story was on the Timmins Daily News website, text pasted below
Looks like a night attack maybe on a lighted ski trail. Still 
this is very unusual especially this early in their nesting season
• Friday, 12 January, 2001
Marauding owl killed after attack on Timmins skier 
It certainly wasn't a hoot for the latest skier who was attacked 
by the grey horned owl at the Porcupine Ski Runners trails.
However, the owl which has attacked at least a half-dozen skiers 
in the past several weeks finally bit off more than it could chew.
The owl made its final attack Wednesday evening when it sunk its 
claws into the head of an unidentified male skier and bit him. 
The man fought back, forcibly removing the bird from his head and 
subduing the winged creature.
The skier, in defending himself, got the better of the bird, 
explained Ski Runners director Gerry McNair.
Its unfortunate it had to go that way, said Ski Runners president 
John Londry. But it was a serious attack. 
Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officer Bert Massie 
said the owl was turned over to the MNR on Thursday where the 
district biologist examined the bird.
(The biologist) decided to send it for tests (in North Bay), 
Massie said.
Massie stressed the characteristics of the species were most 
likely the cause of the problem, not a disease within the bird. 
But he added nothing has been ruled out.
They are birds of prey. Grey horned owls are getting set for 
nesting and are very protective of their areas, Massie said. 
Theyre very active at night and and they get pretty aggressive. 
re: Great Grays near Gravenhurst Bruce Brydon 7:16 pm sunday january 14, 2001 Further 
to Al Sinclair's post re the Great Gray Owls in 
Gravenhurst, I saw one at the Treatment Plant today Janury 14 at 
11:55 AM.
Bruce Brydon
Holland Landing, Ont
Great Grays near Gravenhurst Al Sinclair 4:01 pm tuesday january 9, 2001 A Great Gray 
Owl was seen by Cyril and Marion Fry this morning 
Jan 9 at the Gravenhurst Sewage Treatment Plant. The plant 
operator Tim Coles reports there has been 2 in the area for 
about a week.
Directions: Take Muskoka Beach Rd north from Gravenhurst(first 
street west of KFC). Go about 3km to the sewage plant sign 
(about .5km before the Hoc Roc bridge). Turn left and look for 
them around the plant gate.
Two Great Grays were also seen by Louise Hammond further north 
on Muskoka Beach Rd near Ennis Bay Rd.
Snow Buntings - South Monck Dr. Barbara Taylor 3:00 pm monday january 8, 2001 A 
few Snow Buntings were seen this afternoon near a bird feeder 
at the front of #1134 South Monck Dr., Bracebridge. We didn't 
see any sign of the Northern Hawk Owl which had been seen in the 
area before Christmas.
Great Gray Owl, Hawk Owl, White-Winged C Virginia Pray 12:41 pm monday january 8, 
2001 Monday,January 8 betweem and l0:30 am. Great Gray Owl on 
Falkenburg Road @ Goltz Rd has moved to a hydo pole.Hawk Owl 
spotted in tree near barn at l736 Falkenburg Rd. Male and female 
White-Winged Crossbill on Falkenburg Rd just north of Hewlette 
Rd and south of Butler Rd (no houses nearby)
Bohemian Waxwing in Arrowhead PP Burke Korol 10:10 am monday january 8, 2001 
This morning (Monday, 8 Jan.), I heard the distinctive trill of 
a Bohemian Waxwing over the Ontario Parks Central Zone Office. 
This was around 8 a.m. There was also a flock of about 25 Snow 
Buntings in Hillside (2259 Hwy. 60) yesterday around 4 pm.
Great Grey Owl D. Easson 9:09 am monday january 8, 2001 Skeleton Bay area. Jan.5,6,7 
a Great Grey Owl was using our 
clothesline post as a perch from which to hunt. Saw him around 
dusk and early dawn. He definitely caught prey at least twice as 
there were two pounce marks in the snow with small spots of 
frozen blood in each. The snow was at least 2 ft. deep in these 
Hawk Owl, Great Grey, N. Shrike Jon Grandfield 5:36 pm sunday january 7, 2001 The 
hawk owl that I posted on January 1 on Herman Tibbel Rd 
remained on station all week including today, on the same spike 
of the same large tree. See Jan. 1 post for directions.
I found a N. Shrike beside highway 141 in Raymond, on the south 
side of the road opposite #1984.
The Great Grey Owl is about 300 meters north of #141, on Lucky 
Rd. which runs north from #141 just east of the village of 
Raymond. Watch for a log skidder on the right side of Lucky 
road. The owl was in small trees at the fence line affording a 
wonderful view.
Great Grey, Loon in Muskoka gerald willmott 8:51 pm friday january 5, 2001 This 
morning, 11 o’clock, Mary Willmott and I went searching for 
the Hawk Owl and Great Grey Owl reported to be on Falkenburg 
Rd. close to the junction of Falkenburg and Beatrice Townline 
roads, Muskoka, Milford bay. The morning was extremely snowy 
and we were in doubt of even seeing any birds through the 
densely falling snow. We struck out on the Hawk Owl but were 
rewarded with the Great Grey. He was perched on a hydro pole 
surveying a field. Directions to the Great Grey are as 
follows: Take 118 west from Bracebridge to the Butter and Egg 
rd. Aprox 15km. Turn right on to this road follow it till it 
intersects with the Beatrice Townline, turn left and then take 
the next left, Falkenburg rd. Begin looking for him, he was 
seen before the road returns to the woods. Also seen in Port 
Carling below the locks were a Common Loon in winter plumage and 
6 Common Golden Eyes.
Question. Are Great Grey Owls normally active during the day? 
Do they normally wonder this far south? Could he be starved, 
forced south and thus be hunting during the day? Please email 
me privately at
Gerald Willmott
Beaumaris Is. 
Hawk Owl/Great Gray on Falkenburg Rd. Al Sinclair 11:03 pm thursday january 4, 2001 
Thur Jan 4 at 3:30 pm a Northern Hawk Owl was on a tree top in 
the field south-east of the junction of Falkenburg Rd and 
Beatrice Town Line Rd. west of Bracebridge. 1.5 km further south 
on Falkenburg Rd a Great Gray Owl was in the trees at the edge 
of the field across the road from #1891. The Hawk Owl that was 
on South Monk Dr before Christmas has not been seen recently. 
The Falkenburg Rd Hawk Owl is about 10 km north-west of South 
Monk Dr. so it might be the same bird.
Directions: Go west approx 15 km from Bracebridge on Hwy 118W, 
turn right on Hewlitt Rd and go to Falkenburg Rd., turn right on 
Falkenburg Rd and go to # 1891. The Great Gray was at the edge 
of the field on the left (north) side of the rd. quite a 
distance back, scope needed to see the yellow eyes. The Hawk Owl 
was 1.5km further east on the same rd on the right just before 
Beatrice Town line. Bracebridge is 2 hrs north of Toronto.
Al Sinclair
Common Loon Virginia Pray 8:52 am wednesday january 3, 2001 Wed. Jan 3/0l, 8:30 
a.m. a Loon is on the Indian River below the 
locks. A call to A Wing and A Prayer confirmed that it is the 
one that was released before Exmas. It is an adult in winter 
Ravens - aerial acrobatics Barbara Taylor 5:36 pm monday january 1, 2001 Today 
between 12:30 - 1:00 p.m. there were two ravens soaring 
high over the foot bridge at Wilson's Falls, Bracebridge. Every 
once in a while the larger bird (presumably the male) would 
suddenly veer off with a somersault and a few tumbles through 
the sky. He would then rejoin the other bird and continue 
soaring about in wide circles almost touching wing tips they 
were so near one another. Perhaps a pair carrying out some 
bonding ritual - at any rate they sure put on a great show!
Northern Hawk Owl --&-- Barred Owl Jon Grandfield 5:31 pm monday january 1, 2001 
At 1046 Herman Tibbel Rd. Take Muskoka Rd. #4 north from 
Bracebridge approx. 25 km to Deebank Rd. Turn north. Herman 
Tibbel Rd runs SE from Deebank Rd about 4 km from District Rd 4.
Check high trees west of #1046.
The Barred Owl is presently sitting on our feeding station and 
has been there for about 3/4 of an hour