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Archived reports (October 18 - December 31, 2000):
Bald Eagle Jon Grandfield 4:29 pm sunday december 31, 2000 An adult bald eagle was 
observed patrolling the open water 
downstream from the Port Sydney dam at about 1 pm Sunday, 
December 31
Northern Goshawk Ted Gardner 7:45 pm saturday december 30, 2000 a little late, but on 
boxing day we had a large (probably female)
Goshawk sitting in the ravine behind the house on meadow hieghts 
right here in Bracebridge. She was keeping a good eye on our 
feeders which are frequented by Mourning Doves and Blue Jays.
She spent about 15 minutes there so we had a really good look at 
her through the field glasses, but not being totally with it we 
did not have the scope set up!! we are regularly visited by a 
Sharp Shinned Hawk but this was a Real Thrill!!
Bohemian Waxwings Eleanor kee Wellman 1:47 pm friday december 29, 2000 At about 1 
pm today I saw a dozen Bohemian Waxwings in a maple 
tree next to the Pine Lake Boat Storage building on Hwy 169 Pine 
Lake. Also, there were 3 Tree Sparrows at my feeders on Porter 
Lake, Bala.
Bohemian Waxwings gerald willmott 10:34 am monday december 25, 2000 Waxwings 
(90)are still here feeding like mad on berries. If you 
want to see them take 118 west out of Bracebridge and turn left 
onto Beaumaris Road (aprox 15km). Drive straight through the 4 
way stop at the community center and continue on till you drive 
over a bridge. Once over the bridge begin looking on you left 
side....from the bridge until the bottom of a small hill. 
Good luck and Merry Christmas!
Tondern Island
Bohemian Waxwings gerald willmott 3:37 pm sunday december 24, 2000 We had an early 
Christmas present today when a flock, maybe two, 
of Bohemian Waxwings came and visited the property across from 
our house. There were maybe 40 birds in total and they stayed 
for around four hours. I think that there were maybe two groups 
as they flew in two separate flocks before all landing in a 
small swamp across the road from us; they occupied three trees. 
It was very plain to see the yellow tips of their tail feathers 
as well the rufous undertail feathers. I could also see the 
white, red and yellow markings on the wing and their crest 
floating in the wind. Possibly they will be here latter in the 
week as I think that have been here before. But Today however 
was the first that I had any good look at this flock(s). If 
anyone would like to see them contact me at Gwillmott1@hotmail, 
or if you have any information on attracting them as permanent 
residences please let me know, or on their habits. Note, I also 
saw another large flock of something in Port Carling. It was 
close to Breese’s Esso Station, the swamp across the Highway at 
the end of Forman Road. Also we have been visited by another 
Cooper's Hawk. -/
Tonden Island
Between Bracebridge and
Port Carling, highway 118.
Cooper's Hawk in Bracebridge David Britton 5:56 pm thursday december 21, 2000 This 
morning there was a Cooper's Hawk chasing the Rock Doves at 
Corbett's Feeds at 21 Wellington St. It was alternately chasing 
the Rock Doves and perching in the trees on either side of 
Wellington St
Red-winged Blackbird Jon Grandfield 7:06 pm wednesday december 20, 2000 A male red-
winged black bird was picking grit on the road about 
300 m south of the bridge over the Muskoka R. on District Rd. 
#10 in Port Sydney at about 8:30 am today. There are several 
feeders in the area where it is likely making a living.
re: Varied Thrush near Baysville Al Sinclair 5:39 pm tuesday december 19, 2000 Probably 
the same bird, a male, was seen nearby from December 13 
to 16 at Frances Woodruff's feeder 209 Price's Point Road on Lake 
of Bays (Whiskey Bay) . 
Varied Thrush near Baysville Al Sinclair 7:58 pm monday december 18, 2000 A Varied 
Thrush was seen by Nadya Tarasoff today around noon at 
her feeder north of Baysville. It stayed in the area for about 
30 minutes. We will send an update if it returns. The address is 
3550 Brunel Rd., 5 km north of Baysville.
re: Christmas Bird Count Highlights Challis-Carlyle 2:51 pm thursday december 28, 2000 
There was a good-sized flock of evening grosbeaks on Christmas 
Day at John Purdon's house on the Stoneleigh Road -- the first 
I've encountered this year.
Muskoka Raptors Burke Korol 8:51 pm monday december 11, 2000 Sorry this is late, but 
On Saturday, 9 Dec 00 I found the Northern Hawk Owl that is 
being seen at 1100 South Monck Drive, which is about 1 km north 
of Muskoka Road 118, about 2 km west of Bracebridge. The owl 
was on the top of a small tree in a hedgerow, about 500 m west 
of the road around 9 a.m. About half an hour later I saw a 
Northern Goshawk fly over Hwy. 11 about 10 km south of 
Golden-crowned Kinglets Barbara Taylor 9:42 pm sunday december 10, 2000 There was a 
small flock of Golden-crowned Kinglets today near 
Kevin Cres. and Glendale Rd. (Bracebridge). 
Northern Shrike Doug Smith 1:49 pm saturday december 9, 2000 I had a Northern Shrike 
visit my bird feeder Friday at noon. He 
didn't catch anything but fed on the suet feeder. This may be 
the same one as I had last year, which also showed a preference 
for suet.
I'm located in Uffington, 1007 Hawn Rd., at the corner of Hawn 
Rd. and Peterson Rd.
Bald Eagle near Rosseau - 6 Dec 00 Burke Korol 9:49 pm wednesday december 6, 2000 
Today I saw an immature Bald Eagle flying south over Muskoka 
Road 3, 13 km east of Rosseau. There was no sign of the Great 
Gray Owl in the Humphrey area
Mergansger --&-- Goldeneyes at Port Sydney Ken Walton 9:16 pm monday december 4, 
2000 Female Common Mergansger & male & female Common Goldeneyes on 
the river below bridge at Port Sydney. Seen by Jon Grandfield & 
Ken Walton Sunday Dec. 3, 2000.
Ken Walton 
Snow Buntings Ken Walton 9:12 pm monday december 4, 2000 On Sunday Dec. 3, 2000 
I saw 60+ Snow Buntings in the field 
behind the Gospel Hall on Deer Lake Rd. Port Sydney around 
Ken Walton 
Northern Hawk Owl at Bracebridge Al Sinclair 5:56 pm thursday november 30, 2000 A 
Northern Hawk Owl was seen at 4:30 PM today Nov 30 on a hydro 
pole beside 1100 South Monk Drive west of Bracebridge. After a 
jogger passed it moved to a spruce tree further north. 
Directions: Go 1 km west of Bracebridge on Hwy 118W to South 
Monk Drive, go north 1km to #1100.
Al Sinclair
Bracebridge Ont
Great Gray Owl seen at Humphrey Al Sinclair 10:10 pm wednesday november 29, 2000 
On Friday Nov 24, a Great Gray Owl was seen on a telephone Cable 
beside Hwy 141 just east of Humphrey (Clear Lake Rd corner) 
Parry Sound District. It has not been seen again. Reported by 
Rick Hillman, Bracebridge
Red-throated Loon, Port Carling Eleanor Kee Wellman 2:03 pm sunday november 26, 
2000 I had a message from Janice Enright from A Wing and a Prayer 
that she had released a Red-throated Loon at the end of Bailey 
St in Port Carling yesterday. The loon was picked up after 
having landed on a road at Sprucedale.
I saw the bird in the river off the liquor store in Port Carling 
today at 1:30 pm.
Varied Thrush in Nobel Jean Niskanen 8:48 pm saturday november 25, 2000 A male 
VARIED THRUSH has been coming regularly to a feeder in 
Nobel, which is just north of Parry Sound.
Reg & Leslie Crawford have had it coming for the last four 
days. It has also been photographed and verified by Stan 
The Crawfords live at #2, FR119 in Nobel and have granted 
permission for birders to visit. You may phone them at (705) 
Directions: Take Hwy #69 north past Parry Sound. When you 
reach Nobel,turn left at the top of the hill at the Shell Gas 
Station & at the sign for Georgian Bay Condominiums. Drive to 
the end & look for #2, FR 119, with a driveway on the left and 
a "Crawford" sign. There is a steep hill going down to the 
house & waterfront so if there is a lot of snow, you may wish to
walk down. The feeder is on the waterfront side of the house.
Common Loon still at Alport Barbara Taylor 8:57 pm sunday november 19, 2000 A 
Common Loon was still present today on Alport Lake near the 
marina on Beaumont Drive, Bracebridge. There isn't any ice yet 
even by the shoreline so no need to leave. Over the past few 
weeks, large numbers of Canada Goose have been gathering in a 
shallow reedy area on Alport Lake near the channel to the 
Muskoka River. Today there were about thirty birds. A few 
Mallards were with them.
Nearly five inches of snow fell last night in the Bracebridge 
area. I noticed many more birds making use of the birdfeeder 
today, including at least fourteen Dark-eyed Juncos.
Great Grey Owl, Algonquin Ken Kingdon 9:38 pm saturday november 18, 2000 A Great 
Grey Owl was closely observed on Friday, Nov.17 at 
2:30pm during a trip to Algonquin Provincial Park by Albert 
Boisvert, Terrie Smith and Ken Kingdon (my ISP was down last 
evening, so I could not report earlier). 
DIRECTIONS: from Hwy. 60, go north 5km on the Arowhon Rd., 
taking each fork to right. Drive along the abandoned rail 
embankment ~1 km to the gate onto Mizzy Lake Trail. Park and 
walk 10 minutes to the first right bend of this rail 
embankment. Just after this curve, the Great Grey Owl was 
hunting from perches at the edge of open 1 acre patches on each 
side of the embankment.(The edges of similar open spots further 
on might also be used by this bird if it stays). 
Grey Jays were seen here too, even getting in the way of the 
view of the Great Grey Owl! We also saw 15 Pine Siskins, and 4 
White-winged Crossbills.
On the east sector of the Bat Lake Trail (400m in from Hwy.60), 
we had close looks at two Boreal Chickadees in a pack of Black-
capped Chickadees with Red-breasted Nuthatches. 
There were 2 more Grey Jays and 6 more White-winged Crossbills 
on the Opeongo Lake Rd., 3 km north of Hwy.60 at the northbound 
gate (which was still open). Opeongo Lake itself still had a 
Common Loon, while Cache Lake had some 10 Hooded Mergansers. 
We also saw a "strange" Ruffed Grouse; a distinct rufous morph, 
but with a typical grey tail. If anyone knows more about this 
unusual plumage, please e-mail me privately. 
Thank you and good birding. 
Ken Kingdon 
Northern Shrike Eleanor Kee Wellman 4:57 pm sunday november 12, 2000 Sorry about 
the previous message. I saw a Northern Shrike on 
the top of a spruce tree on the west side of South Monk Rd this 
morning about 10 am. They are often seen near this location at 
this time of year and we always hope that they will stay around 
for Christmas Bird Count.
Snowy Owl seen. Deb Easson 2:00 pm friday november 10, 2000 Early this morning, 
beside my house on Skeleton Bay, (Bent River 
area) a snowy owl perched for a lengthy time, in the mist and 
light rain, on my clothesline post looking for prey. After I'd 
watched it for about 45 minutes, it dropped to the ground and 
caught something. After a short while on the ground, feeding and 
looking over its shoulder, it flew off to the bush across the 
river behind my house.
Because I'm new here and the sighting seems quite rare, I'll tell 
you that Bob Burton came and also saw the owl. 
I'm interested in hearing whether anyone has heard of diminished 
prey populations in their normal territory this year.
The bird seemed healthy. 
Evening Grosbeaks at Hillside Burke Korol 10:19 pm tuesday november 7, 2000 On 
Tuesday, 7 Nov 00, I saw 8 Evening Grosbeaks flying over my 
place in Hillside, which is on Hwy. 60 about 10 km east of 
Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk Barbara Taylor 10:25 am saturday november 4, 2000 Jean 
Niskanen received a report via MNR staff in Parry Sound 
that a white Red-tailed Hawk with a red tail was seen near 
Bracebridge. It was seen in the afternoon on Nov. 2, perched on 
the north side of hwy#118 about 10-14 km west of Holiday Inn 
(between Milford Bay & Bracebridge). The location was a long 
narrow marsh, and there was a black steel gate on the east side 
of the marsh.
Northern Cardinals Barbara Taylor 11:29 am tuesday october 31, 2000 Two male 
Cardinals at my bird feeder in Bracebridge this 
morning. These are the first cardinals I've seen since a female 
stayed around for three days in early spring.
ring-necked pheasant Carlyle - Challis 3:35 pm monday october 23, 2000 Monday, 
October 23, 4:10 pm, Rocksborough
I cannot believe I just saw a pheasant flying over a clearing near our house. Actually, our 
dog and the neighbours dog flushed it out of the bush near our garage. I managed to call 
the dogs off and went off in search of the bird but couldn't find it. 
It must be hanging around here because John and I thought we heard one yesterday 
afternoon at aoubt 4:30 but dismissed the notion because we've never seen any in 
Presumably this bird has escaped from an organized hunt somewhere near here and won't 
be able to survive the winter. In the meantime, I'm not telling my neighbours who would 
like nothing better than to serve it up for Sunday dinner.
Anyone else see any pheasants around?
Eastern Bluebirds at Hillside Burke Korol 0:20 am sunday october 22, 2000 I saw 2 
Eastern Bluebirds at 'Friendly Acres' i.e., 2269 Hwy. 
60, about 10 km east of Huntsville at 5:30 pm, Saturday, 22 
Northern Shrike et al. Burke Korol 1:17 pm saturday october 21, 2000 On Saturday (21 
October) morning I found a juvenile Northern 
Shrike on the Fairy View Trail (parallels Hwy. 60, east of 
Huntsville) about 4 km east of Huntsville. A Dark-eyed Junco, 6 
American Tree Sparrows, a Swamp Sparrow and a White-crowned 
Sparrow were also seen.
The Bracebridge Sewage Lagoons had a Common Snipe, at least 150 
Buffleheads and many other ducks. The juvenile Brant was still 
there, but I could not find the Long-taile Duck despite 
searching for about 2 hours.
Flock of Siskins at Uffington Al Sinclair 4:53 pm wednesday october 18, 2000 Today at 
around 3PM about twenty Pine Siskins stopped briefly in 
our back yard near Uffington.